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-**POLICIA NACIONAL**+====== Styling Plugin ======
 +---- plugin ----
 +description:​ Preview and change the appearance of any template (which supports the style.ini functionality) via the admin interface
 +author ​    : Andreas Gohr 
 +email      : ​
 +type       : admin, action
 +lastupdate : 2015-07-26
 +compatible : (bundled)
 +depends ​   : 
 +conflicts ​ : 
 +similar ​   : 
 +tags       : style, styling, admin, !bundled
 +screenshot_img : plugin:​styling.png
 +This plugin is bundled since the release 2015-08-10 "​Detritus"​
 +This plugin allows editing the [[devel:​style.ini|style.ini]] placeholders of the current template. It's accessible to superusers through the admin menu. This allows for very simple changing of things like colors, width and similar template settings. All changes can be previewed before actually saving them. Adjustments are stored in the conf directory as ''​conf/​tpl/<​tpl>/​style.ini''​ and will be kept when the template or the whole wiki is upgraded.
 +When clicking the "Open as Popup" button, the style dialog will open in a separate window. This allows you to browse the whole wiki while previewing your style changes.
 +===== Notes for Template Developers =====
 +The plugin will automatically give end users direct access to all placeholders in your template'​s style.ini. All placeholder names containing the word ''​color''​ or ''​colour''​ will automatically get a color picker.
 +To define custom explanations for your placeholders,​ add them to your template'​s [[devel:​localization#​template_localization|localization]] (''​lang/<​iso>/​lang.php''​) using the same name as your ini placeholder (including the surrounding ''​%%__%%''​).
 +You can also provide a general description (eg. for explaining how to do further customization) in wiki format by providing a (''​lang/<​iso>/​style.txt''​) in your template.
 +See the ''​dokuwiki''​ template for an example.
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