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 <= [[plugin:struct|Struct Plugin]] <= [[plugin:struct:type|Types]] <= [[plugin:struct|Struct Plugin]] <= [[plugin:struct:type|Types]]
-====== Dominique Lämmli ======+====== Struct Plugin: Type Page ======
-**WORKS** +The ''Page'' type accepts a wiki pageIt will be linked in the outputAutocompletion helps with data entry.
-[[|UV-print, lithography, and painting]] +
-[[|Lithography wall painting with mirrored paper]] +
-[[|Lithography papered on ceiling with mirrored paper]] +
-[[|Laser cut metal drawings]] +
-[[|Drawing on lithography]] +
-[[|Drawing on lithography]] +
-[[|Digital images processes on lambda]] +
 ===== Configuration ===== ===== Configuration =====
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