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Struct Plugin

Struct Plugin: Schema Editing

Schemas are used to manage the structured data that can be assigned to pages. You can think of them as a table definition. A schema defines which fields will be available and what type they have.

To create a new schema, log in as a Manager and access the “Admin” page. Select the “Struct Schema Editor” from the “Additional Plugins” section. Use the form to create a new schema.

There are two kinds of Schemas: Page Schemas and Lookup Schemas.

Page Schemas define data structures that can be assigned to pages via Assignments. Each set of data is for exactly one page it was entered for. This is what you may know from the old data plugin.

Lookup Schemas can not be assigned to pages. They store arbitrary amounts of data sets (rows) independent from any page. This is useful for data that you want to use as a Dropdown source or for data that doesn't justify a page per entry. You edit them by adding a Lookup Table Editor to a page. You can think of Lookup Schemas as a table in page where you can easily reference values from.

Existing schemas can be selected in the table of contents and can be edited there.

Important: Fields can not be deleted, only be disabled!

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