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Struct Plugin

Struct Plugin: CSV Import

The Schema Editor has a Import/Export tab offering support for importing raw data into a schema (either page or lookup) using a CSV file. Some general rules:

  • The first row has to contain headers matching the field names of the lookup schema you're importing into
  • Columns with headers not matching any field name are ignored
  • Only commas are supported as separator
  • Column contents should be enclosed with double quotes
  • Double quotes can be escaped with a backslash (\) or using standard doubling of the double quotes ("")
  • For multi fields, the column content will be split at commas (no support for any escaping)
  • Content has to be in UTF-8 encoding

Additionally in page schemas import:

  • The column labeled 'pid' must exist. It's used to bind the scheme data to a proper page.
  • If there are rows with identical pids only the first one is imported and the others are omitted with the proper error message.
  • If the page with given 'pid' doesn't exists the entire row is omitted (with the proper error message) but the import continues.
    • If, however, the respective checkbox is checked, then the page is created instead. This page-creation uses the existing namespace template if it exists or creates only a page with the pagename as first heading.
    • In the template, you can use basic bureaucracy-style placeholders for the imported struct values in the form of @@schemaname.labelname@@ or ##schemaname.labelname##

In the lookup schema the imported data is added to whatever data is already stored.

In the page schema every imported row creates a new revision of the page.

You can use the CSV Export on the same tab to get an example CSV file.

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