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Struct Plugin

Struct Plugin: Assignments

Page data

What structured data can be added as page data to a page depends on the schema assigned to that page. The assignment is done through patterns - if a page matches a configured pattern, the appropriate schema will be used.

To manage assignment patterns, log in as a Manager and access the “Admin” page. Select the “Struct Schema Assignments” from the “Additional Plugins” section.

The assignment manager shows a list of currently active patterns and the schemas they assign. A form at the bottom allows to add a new pattern to assign a selected schema to all matching pages. Assignments can be done on a page or namespace basis or using a regular expression.

For example, the following regular expression will assign the schema to all pages in mynamespace except for foo and bar: /mynamespace:(?!foo)(?!bar)./

A page can have multiple schemas assigned. But, a page can only have one set (row) of page data from each of those schemas (see page data csv import and struct database internals).

Note: Also see the section Schema Usage for general informations on struct data.

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