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WikiStatistics Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

Lemming, Anteater, Greebo

plugin Displays some wiki stats

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Conflicts with
charter, pchart

This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to authorstats, numberof, statdisplay, wikistats

Tagged with counter, statistics

Original author was Paco Avila.


  • Number of edits
  • Hall of fame



2009/03/05 : great and beautiful plugin. I had to do some customizations as I'm using an LDAP authentication. Thanks! Étienne M.

Thank you ! ;-) Can you share your customizations ? I will add them in the plugin, it can be useful for other people. Please go to the discussion page for comments. Thomas

2009/05/05 Great plugin and I see that the response time is also great. However, I have some comments and bug reports:

  1. There is no single file name download for installing with the plugin manager. So for each update some tweaks must be made. It should be easy to make a single entry for the last stable version.
  2. The current latest version is labeled as being released in 2008-XX-XX. Now it's quite confusing if I have the last version installed or not. I know that these are small details, but all this combined with the not so organized homepage can be a drawback in installing and using this plugin.
  3. I'm still having the problem with array multisort, although I don't use external authentication, and the Hall of Fame table is not sorted correctly, exactly as in the screenshot from your homepage

Warning: array_multisort() [function.array-multisort]: Array sizes are inconsistent in /usr/share/dokuwiki/lib/plugins/wikistatistics/syntax.php on line 214

  • Please take this not as criticism, but improvement proposals and good luck with next versions! Cata
Why should I take them as criticism? ;-)
Regarding point 1: isn't it working for you the link you can find here? I just used it to install the plugin on another wiki.
Regarding point 2: I can't say anything else that I'm embarrassed…I just uploaded a new version and also this point should be correct.
Regarding point 3: I know, unfortunately I understood the problem only few days ago (and it was quite stupid...). Now it should work as expected. — Emanuele 2009/05/09 15:17
Glad we understand each other 8-)
1: What I mean is to have a filename e.g.: for the last version so that if one uses the plugin manager to be able to upgrade the plugin with a simple click. Almost all plugin pages have this “feature”. You may check for example download. With the current last filename changing at each version, I have to edit the manager.dat file and specify a new download URL. Not too elegant and easy to do, especially for non-PC savvy ;-)
2,3: The new version works okay. Thank you for the quick fix. Cata
Okay, now I understand what you mean! I was used to have it I just forgot to upload it in the last period… now it's on line again! — Emanuele 2009/05/12 19:02

2010/01/11 : I use the plugin charter and it uses pChart too. So, When I activate the wikistatistic plugin, I get an error with pData.class.php at line : 49.

Not 100% sure, but with version 2010/01/24 it should work, let me know! :-DEmanuele 2010/01/24 20:44

2010/05/19 : The plugin produces php-errors when in the summary string of the edot of a page are special charachters like / and '. When there is entered a string like “” or “it isn't right” the cache-file in the media folder does not have a correct syntax anymore. To correct this behaviour replace in the getAllChanges-method in the syntax.php of the plugin the line

$this->allChanges['.$i.'] = array(
  \'date\' => ' . $change['date'] . ',                                       
  \'ip\' => \'' . $change['ip'] . '\',                                       
  \'type\' => \'' . $change['type'] . '\',                                   
  \'id\' => \'' . $change['id'] . '\',                                       
  \'user\' => \'' . $change['user'] . '\',                                   
  \'sum\' => \'' . $change['sum'] . '\',             
  \'extra\' => \'' . $change['extra'] . '\',                                 


$this->allChanges['.$i.'] = array(
  \'date\' => ' . $change['date'] . ',                                       
  \'ip\' => \'' . $change['ip'] . '\',                                       
  \'type\' => \'' . $change['type'] . '\',                                   
  \'id\' => \'' . $change['id'] . '\',                                       
  \'user\' => \'' . $change['user'] . '\',                                   
  \'sum\' => \'' . addcslashes($change['sum'],'/\"\'[]^') . '\',             
  \'extra\' => \'' . $change['extra'] . '\',                                 

Franz Häfner 2010/05/18 09:39 GMT

fixed in 2010-05-23 version— emanuele 2010/05/23 16:13

2010/08/25: would it be possible to count multiple namespace together?
Something like {{wikistatistics>type=pages ns=page AND ns=otherpage}}??
Theo 2010/08/25 11:47

2013/04/11: I'm having an issue with the hall of fame feature only showing one of my users:
I'm using the ads backend feature, could that be related? Thanks!
Rudie 2013/04/aa 09:21

Malware/Spyware Host

This may be a problem for some people. I had to temporarily whitelist the site in order to download the update. — greenseeker 2010/06/23 18:18

Bugfix on version 2010/05/23

Fixed a problem in the histocontrib, mode monthbyday. File: 2010/05/23bemanuele 2010/05/31 21:33
File: 2010/05/23c (thanks to Matthieu (MR) ) — emanuele 2010/06/01 19:26

Incompatible with latest DokuWiki

This Plugin breaks 2014-05-05 “Ponder Stibbons”

The result is a blank page!

thomas – 2014/05/15

Php 7

To make the plugin work with PHP7 you need to change all occurences of split (deprecated) to explode in syntax.php.

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