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plugin Log and analyze access statistics

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This plugin provides logging and statistics on views and visitors of your wiki. The statistics are a mix of wiki centric stats (like number of edits) and typical web statistics (views, visitors). It should be most useful to people using DokuWiki as their blog or homepage but provides useful stats for internal use as well.

:!: This plugin needs a MySQL database. You need at least MySQL 4.1, MySQL 5.0 or higher is recommended.

The following statistics are currently provided:

  • Dashboard
    • general statistics like Bounces, Returning Vistors, Average Session lengths
  • Popular Pages
    • the most viewed pages
  • Incoming Links
    • the top referrers
  • New Incoming Links
    • the top referrers which were not seen before the selected time frame
  • Outgoing Links
    • the most clicked outgoing links
  • Search Engines
    • the most used search engines to find your wiki
  • External Search Phrases
    • the top search phrases people used in search engines to find your wiki
  • External Search Words
    • the top search keywords people used in search engines to find your wiki
  • Internal Search Phrases
    • the top search phrases people used in your integrated wiki search
  • Internal Search Words
    • the top search keywords people used in your integrated wiki search
  • Browsers
    • the most used browsers to view your wiki
  • Operating Systems
    • the most used operating systems used by your visitors
  • Countries
    • where your visitors came from in the selected time frame
  • Screensize
    • the screen size your visitors have
  • Resolution
    • the screen resolution used by your visitors

For nearly all these stats, graphical diagrams are provided as well.


Please use the download link provided above for downloading the plugin. Be sure to read about upgrading first, if you are running an older version already.




  • A MySQL datatabase
  • mysqli extension for PHP
  • libgd extension for PHP


  1. Install the plugin through the Extension Manager or manually.
  2. Create the MySQL database (see below). Without this you wont be able to do the next step.
  3. Create the needed MySQL tables with the provided db.sql file
  4. Configure the database access through the Config Manager

DB creation

On the shell run the following commands:

# mysql -u root -p
MariaDB [(none)]> CREATE DATABASE stats;
MariaDB [(none)]> \q

To create the needed MySQL tables you can

  1. either use phpmyadmin's import function
    • Select the database that is used by your DokuWiki and chose “Import” from the top-menu, then upload the file.
  2. import manually using MySQL in your shell
    # mysql -u db_user -p your_dokuwiki_database < /full/path/to/db.sql


Upgrades will most probably require database upgrades. I recommend to do them before updating the plugin.

  1. Have a look at the current db.sql.
  2. Search this file for lines starting with -- UPGRADE
  3. Find the first such line containing a date newer than your plugin version
  4. Copy all following lines and apply them to your existing database

Please note that, depending on the amount of data in your database, these updates can take a really long time. I suggest to run these updates via the command line instead of using a web based tool like PHPMyAdmin.

Known limitations

  • Currently only users with JavaScript enabled are logged
    • this can be easily fixed by placing some <noscript> code in the template, I just need to investigate that
    • when fixed, stats about search bots could be added
  • the search word parsing is a bit flaky (“don't” is two words)
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