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sortablejs Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin JavaScript for sortable tables

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A JavaScript-based (client-side) plugin, which can be used to create sortable tables. It is optional for linkmanager plugin.

For server-side sorting or more robust sort facilities use Sam Wilson's sorter, based on (supports server-side sorting):


After installing the plugin you should make sure that your DokuWiki cache is updated. This can easily be done by changing any parameter value in settings (or by doing a touch conf/local.php).

You need to set <sortable> and </sortable> tags around your table.


Table initially sorted by column 1

<sortable 1>

Table initially reverse sorted by column 1

<sortable r1>

To sort the columns you (the page viewer) just needs to click on the correct column on the first row. A second click on the same column reverses sort.


<sortable [[r]column] [sumrow[=2]] [column=alpha|numeric|ddmm|mmdd|nosort] [3phase]>

  <sortable r1 sumrow=2 3phase 1=numeric 2=alpha 3=nosort>
            ││   │        │         │       │      │
            ││   │        │         │       │      └ No sort option for column 3
            ││   │        │         │       └ Sort column 2 as text always
            ││   │        │         └ Sort column 1 as numeric always
            ││   │        └ Add a 3 phase sort option. Normal, Reverse and Back to original order.
            ││   └ Prevent last 2 rows from sort. The number can be omitted. Default is last row (=1)
            │└ Initially sort by column 1 on page load
            └ Reverse initial sort
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