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SMTP Plugin

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2016-06-26, Hrun, Detritus, 2017-02-19+

plugin Configure a SMTP server (with optional auth) for sending mails from within DokuWiki

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This plugin replaces the way DokuWiki sends emails. Instead of relying on PHP's built-in mail function, it will contact a configured SMTP server directly to send emails. This is especially useful when configuring PHP for sending mails is complicated (Windows) or not possible.

This plugin mainly replaces the old SwiftMail plugin. It supports sending HTML emails. However it does NOT support POP-before-SMTP authentication. If you still need that, you have to rely on the SwiftMail plugin. For everyone else this plugin is recommended now.


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.



All config options can be set in the configuration manager under the “SMTP Plugin Settings” section.

Additionally you need to set up the mailfrom option, which is in the “Notification Settings” section of the configuration manager.

When the debugging option is enabled the whole SMTP session will be printed directly to the screen when sending the mail fails. You should disable this when your setup works.


The plugin adds a new item to the Admin screen. Using this you can trigger sending a test mail from DokuWiki. If something goes wrong sending this mail, a detailed log is printed.

Known Issues

Empty mail body

Depending on your mail server, it may happen that the e-mails sent have an empty body. (See issue #17).

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