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 author ​    : ​ Masahiro Sakuta author ​    : ​ Masahiro Sakuta
 email      :  ​ email      :  ​
-type       :  +type       : ​syntax, action 
-lastupdate : 2015-08-11 +lastupdate : 2015-09-12 
-compatible : Hrun+compatible : Hrun, Detritus
 depends ​   :  depends ​   : 
 conflicts ​ :  conflicts ​ : 
-similar ​   : edittable +similar ​   : edittable, svgedit 
-tags       : editing+tags       : editing, vector, graphics, paintbrush, sketch, pencil
-downloadurl:​ https://​​msakuta/​SketchCanvas/​archive/​​ https://​​msakuta/​SketchCanvas/​archive/​
 bugtracker : https://​​msakuta/​SketchCanvas/​issues bugtracker : https://​​msakuta/​SketchCanvas/​issues
 sourcerepo : https://​​msakuta/​SketchCanvas/​tree/​dokuwiki sourcerepo : https://​​msakuta/​SketchCanvas/​tree/​dokuwiki
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 ===== Installation ===== ===== Installation =====
-Install ​the plugin using the [[plugin:plugin|Plugin ​Manager]] ​and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin. Refer to [[:​Plugins]] on how to install plugins manually.+Search and install ​the plugin using the [[plugin:extension|Extension ​Manager]]. Refer to [[:​Plugins]] on how to install plugins manually.
 ==== Prerequisites ==== ==== Prerequisites ====
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 ===== Examples/​Usage ===== ===== Examples/​Usage =====
-The sketches are included ​by <​skcanvas>​ tag.+The best way to see how it works is by seeing 
 +[[http://​​doku.php?​id=start|this live demo site]].
-When a <​skcanvas>​ tag is included, an edit button appears below it.+The sketches are included by %%<​skcanvas>​%% tag. 
 +When a %%<​skcanvas>​%% tag is included, ​a sketch is rendered in place of the tag like an image link 
 +and an edit button appears below it.
 A new button is added to the toolbar in edit page for inserting new sketch. A new button is added to the toolbar in edit page for inserting new sketch.
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 {{http://​​SketchCanvas/​media/​Example.png}} {{http://​​SketchCanvas/​media/​Example.png}}
 +==== Paths ====
 +Path tool is a versatile tool for sketching complex lines.
 +  * Path can be collection of line segments or curved splines.
 +  * Path can have arrowheads on one or both ends.
 +Below is actually rendered sketches converted to an image. (Source omitted)
 +==== Edit page ====
 +You don't have to remember the syntax to use the sketches.
 +There'​s an edit button below each sketch.
 +Pressing the edit button brings you to the [[plugin:​sketchcanvas:​editor]] page.
 +==== New Sketch ====
 +When you want to add a new sketch into a document, press new sketch button
 +in the toolbar in edit mode.
 +You can also edit existing sketch in the edit page by selecting a whole
 +%%< skcanvas >%% tag in the wikitext and pressing the button.
 +==== Output to PDF ====
 +This plugin works with [[plugin:​dw2pdf]] plugin to produce PDF with embedded
 +SketchCanvas documents.
 +To enable this feature with text elements in the canvas, you need to download
 +and place a font file named NotoSansCJKjp-Regular.otf from
 +to phplib/ subdirectory.
 ===== Syntax ===== ===== Syntax =====
 The SketchCanvas syntax is a [[http://​​|YAML]] document. The SketchCanvas syntax is a [[http://​​|YAML]] document.
-All text between <​skcanvas>​ and </​skcanvas>​ must be valid YAML document.+All text between ​%%<​skcanvas>​%% and %%</​skcanvas>​%% must be valid YAML document.
 +Although you don't have to remember them, complete syntax definition can be found at [[plugin:​sketchcanvas:​syntax]].
 ===== Configuration and Settings ===== ===== Configuration and Settings =====
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 {{rss>​https://​​msakuta/​SketchCanvas/​commits/​dokuwiki.atom date}} {{rss>​https://​​msakuta/​SketchCanvas/​commits/​dokuwiki.atom date}}
 +====== Motivation ======
 +If a Wiki system could be a knowledge base that everyone can participate,​
 +it must be easy to edit **all** contents for everyone.
 +If it's not easy enough, people would end up using MS Word to write documents.
 +We already have [[plugin:​edittable]] which makes table editing easy enough,
 +but it's still awkward to include sketches in a Wiki document.
 +If you had a decent vector graphics editor such as Adobe Illustrator,​ Inkscape or
 +even Excel, you can only attach rasterized image files and other people couldn'​t
 +edit them unless the source is separately provided.
 +So I decided to make a format for sketches that meets the requirements:​
 +  * It must be editable with the browser alone (if HTML5 compliant).
 +  * The source is provided as well as the sketch image.
 +  * The format is human readable and easy to compare with text diffs.
 +There is the [[plugin:​svgedit]] plugin that can do similar things with SVG.
 +So why should I bother reinventing wheels?
 +SketchCanvas is very different from SVG in several aspects:
 +  * It can be embedded in the Wiki text rather than external image file.
 +  * It has very simple and easy-to-read syntax for humans.
 +  * The syntax is easy to compare and produce meaningful diffs.
 +  * Its functionality is intentionally very limited so that the source text cannot be too complex.
 +The main purpose is to sketch quick ideas/​concepts and not doing artistic paintings.
 ====== Roadmap ====== ====== Roadmap ======
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   * Increase number of types of primitives   * Increase number of types of primitives
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