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-:!: Page in progress. ​ In preparation to be added to the sectiontoggle plugin page at which time the upgrades will be included in the main distribution. 
-===== Templates.ini:​ Preconfigured Templates===== 
-The plugin comes with a group of preconfigured templates. If your template is one of these, then it will work right out of the box and your plugin will read the ''​type''​ and ''​name''​ configuration values from an ini file named Templates.ini,​ which is found in the root directory of the plugin. For this to work, the ''​type''​ option must be set to ''​none''​ in the sectiontoggle section of the [[:​config|Configuration Manager]]. ​ This is only an issue if you have already used the Configuration Manager to set up the plugin for another template, since the plugin comes with ''​type''​ already set to ''​none''​.  ​ 
-    ​ 
-==== Preconfigured Templates ==== 
-   - 20cones 
-  - adoradark 
-  - arctic 
-  - bootstrap3 
-  - codowik 
-  - flat 
-  - greensteel 
-  - icke-template 
-  - material 
-  - monochrome 
-  - prsnl10 
-  - sprintdoc 
-  - twentyfifteen 
-  - vector 
-  - white 
-  - writr 
-These templates have been chosen for currency and popularity. ​ Some popular templates like monobook are not suitable for phones and so have been omitted from this list.   If you would like to have an entry added to the the ini file, open an issue on github. In the meantime you can add your choice to templates.ini.local((this will have to be created)), since additions to templates.ini may be overwritten on upgrades. The format for an entry in Templates.ini is: 
-    [[template name]] 
-    type = id or class 
-    name = id or class name 
-Or, you can configure your template manually, as shown in the [[plugin:​sectiontoggle#​example]]. ​ 
-** Download: ** https://​​turnermm/​sectiontoggle/​archive/​