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 ---- plugin ---- ---- plugin ----
-description: +description: Extension for the scrapbook plugin which replaces all page template variables before the template is inserted.
 author     : i-net software / Gerry Weißbach author     : i-net software / Gerry Weißbach
 email      : email      :
 type       : action type       : action
-lastupdate : 2017-01-06 +lastupdate : 2017-01-16 
-compatible : scrapbook +compatible :  
-depends    : +depends    : scrapbook
 conflicts  conflicts 
 similar    :  similar    : 
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 screenshot_img :  screenshot_img : 
 ---- ----
 +The plugin only calls the page template function when RAW wiki text is about to be exported. It will use the Referrer as ID for the templates. So it really only makes sense together with the scrapbook plugin which does not yet send any additional information.
 ===== Installation ===== ===== Installation =====
-Install the plugin using the [[plugin:plugin|Plugin Manager]] and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin. Refer to [[:Plugins]] on how to install plugins manually.+Search and install the plugin using the [[plugin:extension|Extension Manager]]. Refer to [[:Plugins]] on how to install plugins manually.
 === Change Log === === Change Log ===
 {{rss> date}} {{rss> date}}
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