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 conflicts ​ :  conflicts ​ : 
 similar ​   :  similar ​   : 
-tags       : chat, rocketchat, notification+tags       : chat, rocketchat, notification, slack
 downloadurl:​ https://​​Fab-IT-ApS/​dokuwiki-rocketchat-integration/​archive/​ downloadurl:​ https://​​Fab-IT-ApS/​dokuwiki-rocketchat-integration/​archive/​
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 ---- ----
-This plugin allows for updates in Rocket.Chat+ ([[https://​​]]every time a page in the DokuWiki installation is edited.+This plugin allows for updates in [[https://​​|Rocket.Chat+]] every time a page in the DokuWiki installation is edited
 +A user has reported this plugin to also work with Slack.
 ===== Installation ===== ===== Installation =====
 +Search and install the plugin using the [[plugin:​extension|Extension Manager]]. ​
-Clone the repository into your DokuWiku ​plugins folder:+Alternatively,​ refer to [[:​Plugins]] on how to install plugins manually or clone the repository into your DokuWiki ​plugins folder:
 <code bash> <code bash>
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 === Change Log === === Change Log ===
-{{rss>​https://​​Fab-IT-ApS/​dokuwiki-rocketchat-integration/​commits/​master.atom ​author date 1h }}+{{rss>​https://​​Fab-IT-ApS/​dokuwiki-rocketchat-integration/​commits/​master.atom author date}}
 === Known Bugs and Issues === === Known Bugs and Issues ===
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