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Asking Questions about Plugin Issues

When asking questions on the Forum or the Mailing List, you should try to provide the following information:


  1. The browser(s) where the problem has occurred, and does it happen in all browsers or just certain browsers?
  2. The operating system on which the browser is installed
  3. The plugin version/date
  4. The DokuWiki version
  5. The operating system on which DokuWiki is installed
  6. The web-server (Apache or something else).
  7. The PHP version


  1. Which exact syntax do you use?
  2. Did you change plugin configuration settings? Which?

Tips for providing extra detailed information

  1. For plugins with javascript: are there messages/errors printed in the Console of the debug tool of your browser?
  2. Did you try to disable all the self-installed plugins, and enabled them one-by-one to see if there is somewhere an conflict?
  3. Please try also the 'dokuwiki' template when you use a self-installed template. Is that template affected as well? (check this especially when looking into layout issues)
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