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Projects Wiki is a DokuWiki plugin that allows wiki pages to represent files, and to generate files basing on some recipe (rules). This empowers a dokuwiki to become a collaboration tool on project management and content creation by turning it into a user friendly Makefile-like environment.


Scientific collaboration using wiki

This is originally intended to allow a group of scientists to collaboratively work on research projects. Wiki provides a central place to document and discuss ideas, and edit a draft manuscript. This is a more productive method than relying on emails.

However, wikis have the limitation that they require a significant amount of effort to convert the wiki content into a suitable manuscript for submission to a journal. they also lack the ability to collaborate on computer simulations.

Original idea: Working Wiki

For MediaWiki, there is an effort to overcome these limitations, namely, the Working Wiki project developed by Jonathan Dushoff and Lee Worden at McMaster University. It provides a very powerful and feature rich environment. However, it only supports MediaWiki. Moreover, it is based on makefiles, which is a huge barrier for many potential users.

The Projects Wiki

The “projects” DokuWiki plugin is modeled after Working Wiki. Or, you can say that I steal the basic idea from Working Wiki, but avoid makefiles, and support DokuWiki.

Now, on DokuWiki, it is possible to put a whole latex manuscript, including the bibtex database and figures, on the wiki, and let the wiki automatically create a PDF file. In addition, the figures can now be automatically generated from data by with wiki, and even the data can by automatically generated by simulation codes, if it does not require a huge amount of computation time.

Thus, with the projects plugin, the DokuWiki can be used as a centralized collaboration tool on scientific projects.

It still lacks some powerful features from Working Wiki, especially background file generation, which avoids the halt of the project when a file requires a long time to be generated. On the other hand, Projects Wiki supports parallel file generation if your PHP installation is configured with the “pcntl” extension.


The Projects Wiki is distributed under the GPL V2 licence.



The Projects Wiki is self hosted on this wiki. See the projects page.

If you are interested in collaboration or contribution, please contact Junling Ma.

Bug reports, comments, and suggestions

Please post the bug reports, comments, and suggestions on the DokuWiki projects plugin page.

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