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Popularity Feedback Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki


plugin Send anonymous data about your wiki to the DokuWiki developers (bundled with DokuWiki)

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This admin plugin gathers anonymous data about your wiki and allows you to send it back to the DokuWiki developers. This helps them to understand how DokuWiki is used by its users and makes sure future development decisions are backed up by real world usage statistics.

Data collected contains information like your DokuWiki version, the number and size of your pages and files, installed plugins and information about your PHP install. The data is displayed for review before it is sent manually to the DokuWiki server.

Please consider enabling the automatic sending of popularity data. This data is extremely important for the DokuWiki community as it also used to show the popularity of plugins and templates. The more current data we have, the easier it is to find popular plugins.



After installing the plugin, log in as superuser, access the Admin screen and choose the “Popularity Feedback” option from the list.

Optionally enable automatic sending.

On the next screen hit the “Send Data” button.

Data Availability

A selection of collected data can be seen here.

Bugs/feature requests

Please refer to DokuWikis bug tracker for reporting bugs or feature requests.

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