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 ===== Demo ===== ===== Demo =====
-You can see the demo here: FIXME+You can see the demo here:
- --- //[[|Jonathan Tsai]] 2008/08/29 21:01//+ --- [[user>tryweb|tryweb]] //2019-10-15 05:41//
 ===== Installation Notes ===== ===== Installation Notes =====
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 When the [[blog]] plugin is also installed, you need to turn ''$conf['plugin']['blog']['useifmodifiedsince']'' off. I will try to eliminate this incompatibility. When the [[blog]] plugin is also installed, you need to turn ''$conf['plugin']['blog']['useifmodifiedsince']'' off. I will try to eliminate this incompatibility.
-===== Languages ===== 
-The "Vote" Button needs to be translated to other languages. Currently only German (de) and English (en) are available. [[|Send me]] your translation! 
-> I've just send the Russian one, but without exclamation sign at the end... Feel free to add it, that sign in Russian means just the same. 
->In French you can write "Voter" or "Voter !", as Gleb just said before me :) 
-> In Norwegian "Stem" 
-//Andreas Åkre Solberg// 
->In Dutch "Stem" or "Stem !" 
->In Czech "Hlasuj" or "Hlasuj!" :-) 
->In Polish "Zagłosuj" 
->In Swedish "Rösta" 
->In Brazilian Portuguese "Votar" 
->In Spanish from México (LatinAmerica) "Votar" 
->In Latvian "Balsot" 
->In Turkish "Oy ver" 
->In Italiano "Vota" 
->>In Chinese "投票". 
-//Dean Peng// 
->>In Korean "투표". The 1st non-Latin char! 
->>In Esperanto "Voĉdoni". Attention: "Voĉdonu" is not correct as this implies that you give your computer orders as you would do when talking to other persons. 
->> In Estonian 
-//Hääleta// or //Hääleta !// 
->>In Danish "Stem" 
->In Hungarian "Szavazz" 
->In Romanian "Votează" 
->In Lithuanian "Balsuoti" 
->In Bulgarian "Гласувай!" 
->In Ukrainian "Голосую" 
->In Russian "Голосую" 
->In Nepali "रोज्नुहोस्" 
 ===== Bugs / Feature Requests ===== ===== Bugs / Feature Requests =====
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