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plugin Helper Functions and Template for blogtng Podcast Operation

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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Helper functions and template for blogtng podcast operation. The Plugin adds an HTML5 player and download links to blogtng entries and a enclosure to the RSS feed suitable for Podcasts. The url to the file is configured using data entry and a http prefix in the settings.


Create a new page and add it to the podcast Blog:

====== Chaosradio | Sendung 16 ======
===== thema: whistleblowing; der skandal um die nsa =====

---- dataentry chaosradio ----
podcastnr : 016
wers      : Black, Martin

Go to Admin → Configuration Settings and Change podcast»podcast_prefix and podcast»podcast_extensions eg:

  • podcast_prefix:
  • podcast_extensions: mp3, ogg
  • podcast_filetype: mp3

This will check the existance and filesize of and and add player and the links to your entry.

A new feed will be available at http://yourdokuwiki/feed.php?mode=podcast&blog=podcast.


Some settings.

Data Entry

Until now only the number field is interpreted to determine the file name. If not present the name of the page without namespace is used.

Change Log


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