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pdftools Plugin

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plugin Additional features for dw2pdf

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Install the plugin using the Plugin Manager and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


  • Optional and configurable slider button to chose a template for pdf-generation
  • Configurable pdf-generate button which can be placed in a page
  • A set of templates for different purposes which can be installed directly from the admin section
  • Upload your own templates in the admin section and option to remove templates
  • Additional wrap-containers and some additional syntax for formatting
  • Additional replacements which can be used in the templates

Activate a print button (slider) which is shown at the bottom right of the screen. You can configure the templates which are the display and can be chosen in order to generate a PDF.

Inline PDF button

Use the <pdf>-Tag in a document to create an inline button. Pressing this button will generate a PDF with the defined template. Syntax:

<pdf template-name>
<pdf template-name quer>

The option quer creates the PDF in landscape orientation (German word “quer” = horizontal)

Standard parameters for the created PDF are

  • toc = 0 (no table of content)
  • tpl = template-name
  • orientation=landscape (if the keyword quer is used)



Inserts an image which is meant for printed documents, where a sticker is to be pasted on.

Additional wrap containers

If you have the wrap-plugin installed, you can use these addition classes:

<WRAP maxtabelle>
Table ist set to 100% width = same as tablewidth-option
| Content | Another content |

<WRAP formular>
Table without borders
| Example | Okay |

<WRAP formular2>
Table with border only on the bottom of the lines
| Another example | Test |
<WRAP platz>
Increases the padding of cells in a table
| Test |
| Test |
<wrap bigtext>Text scaled to 115%</wrap>

<wrap smalltext>Text scaled to 90%</wrap>

Create spaces in empty table cells

Vertical space

| <abstand1> | Test |
| <abstand2> | Test |
| <abstand3> | Test |

Horizontal space

| Test | <quer1> | <quer2> | <quer3> |

Set of templates

The pdftools-plugin contains a set of templates which can be installed in the admin section. These templates contain additional replacements:

@AUTHOR@ - Name of the author
@COMPANY@ - Name of the company which can be configured
@APPROVER@ - Name of the approve (requires Approve- und ApprovePlus-Plugin)

Upload pdf-templates

Upload form for uploading your own pdf-templates.

The template files must be placed in a directory, which must bei included in the zip-file. The files are extracted directly into the dw2pdf/tpl directory. This feature depends on the Linux unzip programme to work.

Erase pdf-templates

Button to delete templates from dw2pdf.

Ideas for coming versions

  • online template editor
  • configurable GET-Parameters for the <pdf>-Tag and the slider


Tested with



I will be thankful for any approvement suggestions or translations in form of pull-requests.

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