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 email      :  email      : 
 type       : syntax type       : syntax
-lastupdate : 2019-09-24+lastupdate : 2019-09-29
 compatible : 2014-09-29d, 2015-08-10a, 2016-06-26a, 2017-02-19b, 2018-04-22a compatible : 2014-09-29d, 2015-08-10a, 2016-06-26a, 2017-02-19b, 2018-04-22a
 depends    :  depends    : 
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  --- [[user>punkt|Punkt]] //2019-06-25 13:30//  --- [[user>punkt|Punkt]] //2019-06-25 13:30//
 +Pagetitle makes my Detritus crash (error 500), at  PHP version: <del>7.3.6</del> sorry, it was actually running 5.6.40.  I updated my site to use 7.0.x, and pagetitle works now.
 +I'm a bit confused about functionality.  I am using indexmenu plugin, and want the URL path for the menu.  However, I want the page title to be what's in <title> This way, I can keep my menu with brief names, yet have the page title be more descriptive.  Is this not possible?   --- [[user>mekineer|mekineer]] //2020-01-16 02:51//
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