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-====== operawidget plugin ======+====== operawidget Plugin ======
 ---- plugin ---- ---- plugin ----
-description: Adds an Opera Widget to your metaheaders which is shown in Opera browsers.+description: Adds an Opera Widget to your meta-headers which is shown in Opera browsers
 author     : Markus Birth author     : Markus Birth
 email      : email      :
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 conflicts  conflicts 
 similar    :  similar    : 
-tags       : opera widget+tags       : embed, feed, listing 
 +bugtracker :  
 +sourcerepo :  
 ---- ----
-[[|Information and Download]]+===== How it works ===== 
 +This plugin registers a hook before the ''TPL_METAHEADERS_OUTPUT'' event and adds a line to your headers, which allows Opera browser to recognize that there's a Widget for the DokuWiki: 
 +Clicking it, loads the widget, which looks like this: 
 +You can choose one of the 14 styles in the configuration manager.
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