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SAVEAS in a multi language wiki

I have a particular problem which the ~~SAVEAS~~ functionality sounds like it could go part way to solving. I have a multi-language wiki where German is the default language. I often need to create pages in other languages and it would be extremely useful and time-saving if the source code from the german page was automatically inserted upon creating a page in another language (meaning the whole path would stay the same apart from the 2 letter language code). Do you think I could achieve something like this using the ~~SAVEAS~~ syntax here (the original german page needs to remain unchanged of course..) Cheers. — Andy 2011-08-17 09:06

Do you mean something like this:

I don't see why not. This would create a new page with the original content in the en namespace. The original page will remain unchanged.

Yes, something like this but maybe a little bit more dynamic so the original namespace and page name is also carried over. It could then be incorporated into the default page template for namespace de: meaning that the pages would be automatically created in the same namespace structure for en:. Like:
I'm afraid I don't follow this. If this discussion is going to get lengthy perhaps you can carry it over to the forum. Where would the plugin get the equivalences for @NS@ and @PAGE@?
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