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Extended text styling

The following description is based on LibreOffice. Search the internet for other descriptions, e.g. for OpenOffice.

The style for other text formats (e.g. preformatted text, bold text…) can be changed like this in LibreOffice:

  1. Choose “Styles and Formatting” from the “View” menu or press F11
  2. Right click on the desired style and choose “Modify…” from the context menu
  3. A dialog will open showing the available style settings
  4. Modify the settings as desired
  5. Click on “OK”
  6. Save and close the document
  7. Always remember to re-upload the changed ODT document/template to your wiki with the media manager

So changing the style for text styles in general is the same as changing the style or normal text or headlines. All you need to know is how the styles are used by the ODT plugin: which style is applied to which kind of text. Also you need to know the kind of style to find it under “Styles and Formatting”: is the style a paragraph style oe character style. The following table gives an overview about the different text styles and their usage:

DokuWiki style ODT style Style Type
Bold Strong Emphasis Character
Italic Emphasis Character
Monospace Source Text Character
Preformatted Preformatted Paragraph
External Link Internet Link Character
Visited External Link Visited Internet Link Character
Local Link Local Link Character
Visited Local link Visited Internet Link Character

A local link is only treated as a local link if it points to a target inside of the exported ODT document. If it points to a DokuWiki page which is not the exported page then it will be treated and rendered as an external link. In that case it would use the style “Internet Link” even though it originally was a local link.

Footnote styles

A footnote uses three styles. One for the footnote anchor in the text, another one for the footnote characters and a third one for the footnote text at the bottom of the page. Let's assume the following example footnote:

1) This is a footnote!

The text “1)” inside of the text where the footnote was inserted would have the character style “Footnote Anchor”. The text “1)” at the bottom of the page would have the character style “Footnote Characters”. Finally the footnote content “This is a footnote!” at the bottom of the page would have the paragraph style “Footnote”.

Horizontal Line

The horizontal line as created by the ODT plugin is only an empty paragraph with a border. You can change the look of the horizontal line by modifying the paragraph style “Horizontal Line”.

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