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Create an ODT template file

To create an empty ODT template file proceed like this:

  1. Export a wiki page of your choice to ODT
  2. Save the document on disk
  3. Open the document with LibreOffice or OpenOffice
  4. Make it empty: delete all text and other content
  5. Modify the styles for your needs
  6. Save the changes and close the document
  7. Upload the document using the media manager. Make sure to upload it in the correct namespace/directory. Check your ODT plugin configuration, option tpl_dir for the correct namespace/directory. Default is odt.
  8. Set the document as the ODT template which shall be used for the export. E.g. in the ODT plugin configuration or by adding the syntax tag

Modifying a style

The following description is based on LibreOffice. Search the internet for other descriptions, e.g. for OpenOffice.

A style in LibreOffice can be changed like this:

  1. Choose “Styles and Formatting” from the “View” menu or press F11
  2. Right click on the style you like to change and choose “Modify…” from the context menu:
  3. A dialog will open showing the available style settings
  4. Modify the settings as desired
  5. Click on “OK”
  6. Save and close the document
  7. Always remember to re-upload the changed ODT document/template to your wiki with the media manager
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