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NoBlankCells Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki


plugin XHTML renderer adds ' ' to all table cells to prevent borders disappearing in IE6

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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This plugin adds a   to the end of all table cells this is to stop borders for cells disappearing in IE6. It is a replacement for the standard DokuWiki XHTML renderer, as such to use it you must set the renderer_xhtml setting to the plugin's name, 'noblankcells'. For simplicity's sake the plugin uses all of the standard renderers routines with the exception of tablecell_close, where it uses its own routine.

Thanks to xbr for providing a skeleton script to work with.

Download and Installation

Plugin source code is also available below, refer to plugins on how to install plugins manually. After installation set the renderer_xhtml configuration setting (via your wiki's admin panel) to 'noblankcells'.

Revision History

  • 2009-06-24 — released


file: lib/plugins/noblankcells/renderer.php

 * Render Plugin for XHTML output this prevents any table cells having no data. 
 * In IE6 a cell without data will not have a border. This is a problem for some theams BattleHorse for example
 * @author Kyle Mathers <>
if(!defined('DOKU_INC')) die();
if(!defined('DOKU_PLUGIN')) define('DOKU_PLUGIN',DOKU_INC.'lib/plugins/');
require_once DOKU_INC . 'inc/parser/xhtml.php';
 * The Renderer
class renderer_plugin_noblankcells extends Doku_Renderer_xhtml {
     * return some info
    function getInfo(){
      return array(
        'author' => 'Kyle Mathers',
        'email'  => '',
        'date'   => '2009-24-06',
        'name'   => 'noblankcells',
        'desc'   => 'XHTML renderer Adds &nbsp; to all table cells to prevent borders disappearing in IE6.',
    function canRender($format){
      return ($format=='xhtml');
    function tablecell_close(){
        $this->doc .= '&nbsp;</td>';
//Setup VIM: ex: et ts=4 enc=utf-8 :

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