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Hi, that would be great if someone could implement some of the functionality that wikicalendar had, like next/previous month buttons. — alexandre_bastienalexandre_bastien

2018-05-07 21:09

Hello, you can try current development version.

I have implemented:

  1. display week numbers using display_weeks=yes parameter
  2. do not create links for past dates using do_not_create_past_links=yes parameter
  3. :!: create prev/next links using create_prev_next_links=yes parameter, beware it is not using javascript, so it will just create links
  4. create_links parameter supports local option, so using create_prev_next_links=yes wil create links to other pages, but create_prev_next_links=local wil create local on-page links only (#section01)

These things can change, so feel free to send me comments.


2018-08-26 20:07

This is implemented.


2018-09-23 17:08

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