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MetaHeaders for DokuWiki - Discussions

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There's always room for improvement. If you're able to add any contributions to make MetaHeaders for DokuWiki better, please let me know or discuss your thoughts right here (preferred).

Rules and notes:

  • Please use ==== Level 3 Headlines ==== to open a new “thread”/issue.
  • Leave enough free lines to the other topics to keep the source readable.
  • Take care if you add your topic below “Bugs”, “Additions and ideas” or “Other”.
  • :!: Make sure, you got the latest plugin version. Maybe your wish and/or problem is already added/fixed.
  • Before you add something: check the roadmap if your feature is already planned/in development.
  • I read the bug reports in here. So don't be afraid, I do not ignore the reported stuff (even if I may not got enough time to answer here)!
    Andreas 2012/03/08 21:11


Format of Date

May be the behavior is wanted, but for me atlest (DW snapshot from git) @LASTMOD@ and @CREATED@ give only the date as int, not as a string like 2012-04-11T08:42:13+0200 — krid 2012/04/19 17:50

Additions and ideas

Enhance conditional

What about adding conditionals to other criteria? Not only page ID, but also modification date, etc. Thank you.


Old discussion (archive)

Things which are done… topics below may be deleted some day. See the sections above for actual talks.


Additions and ideas


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