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metaeditor Plugin

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plugin Admin Interface to edit metadata

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An admin plugin that provides a graphical interface to edit metadata of pages. Currently, it is highly experimental and not well tested - use it on your own risk. The plugin allows to permanently change a page's metadata without leaving a trace in the page's changelog.

It's based on jsTree and makes heavy use of jQuery/AJAX. It might lack a lot of security checks, be careful!


Copy the unzipped folder to your /lib/plugins directory and activate the plugin. There are no configuration options.


Go to the Admin area and open the “Simple Metadata Editor” page to start using the editor. Select a page to work with on the left pane, then the metadata should appear in the middle pane. Select a node, and the value is displayed on the right pane. You can change the value and save it.

In order to create new folders (=arrays) or items, right-click the menu structure and select the appropriate command. This menu also allows for the deletion of items.

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