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Compatible with DokuWiki

  • 2018-04-22 "Greebo" unknown
  • 2017-02-19 "Frusterick Manners" yes
  • 2016-06-26 "Elenor Of Tsort" unknown
  • 2015-08-10 "Detritus" unknown

plugin This plugins displays links as nice looking menu cards. Any DokuWiki link is supported.

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Tagged with boxes, icons, images, menu, navigation


To give you a little impression how it look likes, see this screen shot:


<menu col=1,align=left,caption="headline",[type=menubar]>
  • The title is the text displayed in bold next to the icon. Beside the icon the title is the link to click on. The length of the longest title defines eventually the width of the menu
  • The description is the small black text below the title. It is for information only. The length is not limited and will be wrapped if necessary
  • The link is the link address in wiki syntax. Any syntax dokuwiki supports for links could be used here
  • The image is a medialink to the icon. The icon must have been uploaded befor they can be used in the menu. Links to external images are not foreseen.


The plugin accepts four optional parameters in the <menu> tag:

  • col = <number>
    The menu card may be organized in one to four columns. Default is one column.
  • align = <left|center|right>
    This option decides where the menu will be placed. Allowed options are “left”, “center” and “right”. In “left” or “right” mode the menu will float so other text will creep beside the menu. Default is “left”.
  • caption = <“any text”>
    The headline of the menu. Default there is none.
  • type = <menubar>
    Activates menubar mode, 1 row with small captions

A menu item must be embraced by <item></item>. Each item has four parameters which must be separated by |:

  1. The Name of the menu item. This name will be shown as link text and also used as “title” for the item image.
  2. The link description. This text will be places with smaller font size below the link text. It may contain several words and is not limited to one row. The text will automatically wrapped around if it doesn't fit into the menu item's width.
  3. The link itself. It follows DokuWiki's syntax rules and therefore must be embraced by [[ ]] or {{ }}. Any DokuWiki link may be used but given titles will be ignored and replaced by the menu item name. Links embraced with curly brackets {{ }} are links to media files. Even images will be shown as link here.
  4. The image to illustrate the link. Because this is a DokuWiki media link, it must be embraced by curly brackets {{ }}. Internal or external links could be used. The image should be 48×48 in size for best effect, but any other size could be used.


2017-03-12 0.0.4

  • Fixes for PHP7 compatibility
  • Added option for horizontal menu

2009-08-06 0.0.3

  • fix problem while creating wiki links. Due to this, moving relatively in namespaces wouldn't work - fixed

2009-08-02 0.0.2

  • some css fixes
  • add “png” class to png images to support DD_belatedPNG (transparent png immages for IE6

2009-08-01 0.0.1 public release

  • first release


This is my first public DokuWiki plugin, so improvements are welcome and there is always room for improvement :-)

8/7/2009 - If you have multiple menu's on a single page, how do you keep them from wrapping around each other? I put two back-to-back and the second one wraps behind the first one. Is there a way, besides centering it, to make anything after the menu come under it?

Menues are always floating. To prevent the menues from wrapping around each other you have to switch floating off. You can do this with the clearfloat plugin or you may add the line below to your entities.conf file and put a “{clear}” between the menues.
{clear}   <p style="clear:both" />

Matthias Grimm 2009/08/08 18:08

Thank you so much for the prompt response. This menu system is great and works like a charm having multiple menus below each other and have them not wrap around each other. :)

How do you create such menus as you have in your screenshots? I cannot have anything in Bold as you have. Could you provide some code samples?

Michael 2009/10/14


I tried your plugin but it don't work on my Doku (2009-02-14b). I follow your example, but Doku don't parse menu code as I want. I was agree with Michael. You must give us one real exemple of syntax as your screenshot. It's not very clear. Thank

Nico 2009/11/23

Do you think the example above will be sufficient? Please tell me your experiences. — Matthias Grimm 2009/12/11 22:39
Matthias, now your topic is OK, just add one require section on this page before install section. People must enable mbstring module ( in php.ini file. Now, your plugin work fine on my Dokuwiki. Thank you for your feedback :-) — nico 2009/12/18

Lexa 2010/04/07

A friend custom for me the php code that allow to fix de width of items.

Here the php code of “syntax.php” (sorry for the big paste…)

 * Plugin: Displays a link list in a nice way
 * Syntax: <menu col=2,align=center,caption="headline">
 *           <item>name|description|link|image</item>
 *         </menu>
 * Options have to be separated by comma.
 * col (opt)     The number of columns of the menu. Allowed are 1-4, default is 1
 * align (opt)   Alignment of the menu. Allowed are "left", "center" or "right",
 *               default is "left"
 * caption (opt) Headline of the menu, default is none
 * @license    GPL 2 (
 * @author     Matthias Grimm <>
if(!defined('DOKU_INC')) define('DOKU_INC',realpath(dirname(__FILE__).'/../../').'/');
if(!defined('DOKU_PLUGIN')) define('DOKU_PLUGIN',DOKU_INC.'lib/plugins/');
 * All DokuWiki plugins to extend the parser/rendering mechanism
 * need to inherit from this class
class syntax_plugin_menu extends DokuWiki_Syntax_Plugin {
    var $rcmd = array();  /**< Command array for the renderer */
    * Get an associative array with plugin info.
    * <p>
    * The returned array holds the following fields:
    * <dl>
    * <dt>author</dt><dd>Author of the plugin</dd>
    * <dt>email</dt><dd>Email address to contact the author</dd>
    * <dt>date</dt><dd>Last modified date of the plugin in
    * <tt>YYYY-MM-DD</tt> format</dd>
    * <dt>name</dt><dd>Name of the plugin</dd>
    * <dt>desc</dt><dd>Short description of the plugin (Text only)</dd>
    * <dt>url</dt><dd>Website with more information on the plugin
    * (eg. syntax description)</dd>
    * </dl>
    * @param none
    * @return Array Information about this plugin class.
    * @public
    * @static
    function getInfo(){
        return array(
            'author' => 'Matthias Grimm',
            'email'  => '',
            'date'   => '2009-07-25',
            'name'   => 'Menu Plugin',
            'desc'   => 'Shows a list of links as a nice menu card',
            'url'    => '',
    * Get the type of syntax this plugin defines.
    * The type of this plugin is "protected". It has a start and an end
    * token and no other wiki commands shall be parsed between them.
    * @param none
    * @return String <tt>'protected'</tt>.
    * @public
    * @static
    function getType(){
        return 'protected';
    * Define how this plugin is handled regarding paragraphs.
    * <p>
    * This method is important for correct XHTML nesting. It returns
    * one of the following values:
    * </p>
    * <dl>
    * <dt>normal</dt><dd>The plugin can be used inside paragraphs.</dd>
    * <dt>block</dt><dd>Open paragraphs need to be closed before
    * plugin output.</dd>
    * <dt>stack</dt><dd>Special case: Plugin wraps other paragraphs.</dd>
    * </dl>
    * @param none
    * @return String <tt>'block'</tt>.
    * @public
    * @static
    function getPType(){
        return 'block';
    * Where to sort in?
    * Sort the plugin in just behind the formating tokens
    * @param none
    * @return Integer <tt>135</tt>.
    * @public
    * @static
    function getSort(){
        return 135;
    * Connect lookup pattern to lexer.
    * @param $aMode String The desired rendermode.
    * @return none
    * @public
    * @see render()
    function connectTo($mode) {
    function postConnect() {
    * Handler to prepare matched data for the rendering process.
    * <p>
    * The <tt>$aState</tt> parameter gives the type of pattern
    * which triggered the call to this method:
    * </p>
    * <dl>
    * <dt>DOKU_LEXER_ENTER</dt>
    * <dd>a pattern set by <tt>addEntryPattern()</tt></dd>
    * <dt>DOKU_LEXER_MATCHED</dt>
    * <dd>a pattern set by <tt>addPattern()</tt></dd>
    * <dt>DOKU_LEXER_EXIT</dt>
    * <dd> a pattern set by <tt>addExitPattern()</tt></dd>
    * <dt>DOKU_LEXER_SPECIAL</dt>
    * <dd>a pattern set by <tt>addSpecialPattern()</tt></dd>
    * <dd>ordinary text encountered within the plugin's syntax mode
    * which doesn't match any pattern.</dd>
    * </dl>
    * @param $aMatch String The text matched by the patterns.
    * @param $aState Integer The lexer state for the match.
    * @param $aPos Integer The character position of the matched text.
    * @param $aHandler Object Reference to the Doku_Handler object.
    * @return Integer The current lexer state for the match.
    * @public
    * @see render()
    * @static
    function handle($match, $state, $pos, &$handler)
        switch ($state) {
            case DOKU_LEXER_ENTER: 
                $this->_reset();        // reset object;
                $opts = $this->_parseOptions(trim(substr($match,5,-1)));
                $col = $opts['col'];
                if (!empty($col) && is_numeric($col) && $col > 0 && $col < 5)
                    $this->rcmd['columns'] = $col;
                if ($opts['align'] == "left")   $this->rcmd['float'] = "left";
                if ($opts['align'] == "center") $this->rcmd['float'] = "center";
                if ($opts['align'] == "right")  $this->rcmd['float'] = "right";
                if (!empty($opts['caption']))
                    $this->rcmd['caption'] = hsc($opts['caption']);
		if (!empty($opts['itemwidth']))
		    $this->rcmd['width'] = intval($opts['itemwidth']);
          case DOKU_LEXER_MATCHED:
                $menuitem = split('\|', trim(substr($match,6,-7)));
                $title = hsc($menuitem[0]);
                if (substr($menuitem[2],0,2) == "{{")
                    $link = $this->_itemimage($menuitem[2], $title);
                    $link = $this->_itemLink($menuitem[2], $title);
                $image = $this->_itemimage($menuitem[3], $title);
                $this->rcmd['items'][] = array("image" => $image,
                                               "link"  => $link,
                                               "descr" => hsc($menuitem[1]));
                // find out how much space the biggest menu item needs
                $titlelen = mb_strlen($menuitem[0], "UTF-8");
                if ($titlelen > $this->rcmd['width'])
                    $this->rcmd['width'] = $titlelen;
          case DOKU_LEXER_EXIT:
              // give the menu a convinient width. IE6 needs more space here than Firefox
              $this->rcmd['width'] += 5;
              return $this->rcmd;
        return array();
    function _reset()
        $this->rcmd = array();
        $this->rcmd['columns'] = 1;
        $this->rcmd['float']   = "left";
    function _itemlink($match, $title) {
        // Strip the opening and closing markup
        $link = preg_replace(array('/^\[\[/','/\]\]$/u'),'',$match);
        // Split title from URL
        $link = explode('|',$link,2);
        $ref  = trim($link[0]);
        //decide which kind of link it is
        if ( preg_match('/^[a-zA-Z0-9\.]+>{1}.*$/u',$ref) ) {
            // Interwiki
            $interwiki = explode('>',$ref,2);
            return array('interwikilink',
        } elseif ( preg_match('/^\\\\\\\\[\w.:?\-;,]+?\\\\/u',$ref) ) {
            // Windows Share
            return array('windowssharelink', array($ref,$title));
        } elseif ( preg_match('#^([a-z0-9\-\.+]+?)://#i',$ref) ) {
            // external link (accepts all protocols)
            return array('externallink', array($ref,$title));
        } elseif ( preg_match('<'.PREG_PATTERN_VALID_EMAIL.'>',$ref) ) {
            // E-Mail (pattern above is defined in inc/mail.php)
            return array('emaillink', array($ref,$title));
        } elseif ( preg_match('!^#.+!',$ref) ) {
            // local link
            return array('locallink', array(substr($ref,1),$title));
        } else {
            // internal link
            return array('internallink', array($ref,$title));
    function _itemimage($match, $title) {
        $p = Doku_Handler_Parse_Media($match);
        return array($p['type'],
                     array($p['src'], $title, $p['align'], $p['width'],
                     $p['height'], $p['cache'], $p['linking']));
    * Handle the actual output creation.
    * <p>
    * The method checks for the given <tt>$aFormat</tt> and returns
    * <tt>FALSE</tt> when a format isn't supported. <tt>$aRenderer</tt>
    * contains a reference to the renderer object which is currently
    * handling the rendering. The contents of <tt>$aData</tt> is the
    * return value of the <tt>handle()</tt> method.
    * </p>
    * @param $aFormat String The output format to generate.
    * @param $aRenderer Object A reference to the renderer object.
    * @param $aData Array The data created by the <tt>handle()</tt>
    * method.
    * @return Boolean <tt>TRUE</tt> if rendered successfully, or
    * <tt>FALSE</tt> otherwise.
    * @public
    * @see handle()
    function render($mode, &$renderer, $data) {
        global $ID;
        global $conf;
        if (empty($data)) return false;
        if($mode == 'xhtml'){
            // for IE6 2x10em does not fit into 20em, it needs 21em
            $renderer->doc .= '<div class="menu" id="menu'.$data['float'].'"';
            $renderer->doc .= ' style="width:'.($data['columns'] * $data['width'] + 2).'em;">'."\n";
            if (isset($data['caption']))
                $renderer->doc .= '<p class="caption">'.$data['caption'].'</p>'."\n";
            foreach($data['items'] as $item) {
                $renderer->doc .= '<div class="menuitem" style="width:'.$data['width'].'em;">'."\n";
                // create <img .. /> tag
                list($type, $args) = $item['image'];
                list($ext,$mime,$dl) = mimetype($args[0]);
                $class = ($ext == 'png') ? ' png' : NULL;
                $img = $renderer->_media($args[0],$args[1],$class,$args[3],$args[4],$args[5]);
                // create <a href= .. /> tag
                list($type, $args) = $item['link'];
                $link = $this->_getLink($type, $args, $renderer);
                $link['title'] = $args[1];
                $link['name']  = $img;
                $renderer->doc .= $renderer->_formatLink($link);
                $link['name']  = '<p class="menutext">'.$args[1].'</p>';
                $renderer->doc .= $renderer->_formatLink($link);
                $renderer->doc .= '<p class="menudesc">'.$item['descr'].'</p>';
                $renderer->doc .= '</div>'."\n";
            $renderer->doc .= '</div>'."\n";
            if ($data['float'] == "center") /* center: clear text floating */
                $renderer->doc .= '<p style="clear:both;" />';
            return true;
        return false;
    function _createLink($url, $target=NULL)
        global $conf;
        $link = array();
        $link['class']  = '';
        $link['style']  = '';
        $link['pre']    = '';
        $link['suf']    = '';
        $link['more']   = '';
        $link['title']  = '';
        $link['name']   = '';
        $link['url']    = $url;
        $link['target'] = $target == NULL ? '' : $conf['target'][$target];
        if ($target == 'interwiki' && strpos($url,DOKU_URL) === 0) {
            //we stay at the same server, so use local target
            $link['target'] = $conf['target']['wiki'];
        return $link;
    function _getLink($type, $args, &$renderer)
        global $ID;
        $check = false;
        $exists = false;
        switch ($type) {
        case 'interwikilink':
            $url  = $renderer->_resolveInterWiki($args[2],$args[3]);
            $link = $this->_createLink($url, 'interwiki');
        case 'windowssharelink':
            $url  = str_replace('\\','/',$args[0]);
            $url  = 'file:///'.$url;
            $link = $this->_createLink($url, 'windows');
        case 'externallink':
            $link = $this->_createLink($args[0], 'extern');
        case 'emaillink':
            $address = $renderer->_xmlEntities($args[0]);
            $address = obfuscate($address);
            if ($conf['mailguard'] == 'visible')
                 $address = rawurlencode($address);
            $link = $this->_createLink('mailto:'.$address);
            $link['class'] = 'JSnocheck';
        case 'locallink':
            $hash = sectionID($args[0], $check);
            $link = $this->_createLink('#'.$hash);
            $link['class'] = "wikilink1";
        case 'internallink':
            $url  = wl($args[0]);
            list($id,$hash) = explode('#',$args[0],2);
            if (!empty($hash)) $hash = sectionID($hash, $check);
            if ($hash) $url .= '#'.$hash;    //keep hash anchor
            $link = $this->_createLink($url, 'wiki');
            $link['class'] = $exists ? 'wikilink1' : 'wikilink2';
        case 'internalmedia':
            resolve_mediaid(getNS($ID),$args[0], $exists);
            $url  = ml($args[0],array('id'=>$ID,'cache'=>$args[5]),true);
            $link = $this->_createLink($url);
            if (!$exists) $link['class'] = 'wikilink2';
        case 'externalmedia':
            $url  = ml($args[0],array('cache'=>$args[5]));
            $link = $this->_createLink($url);
        return $link;
    * Parse menu options
    * @param $string String Option string from <menu> tag.
    * @return array of options (name >= option). the array will be empty
    *         if no options are found
    * @private
    function _parseOptions($string) {
		$data = array();
		$dq    = false;
		$iskey = true;
		$key   = '';
		$val   = '';
		$len = strlen($string);
		for ($i=0; $i<=$len; $i++) {
			// done for this one?
			if ($string[$i] == ',' || $i == $len) {
				$key = trim($key);
				$val = trim($val);
				if($key && $val) $data[strtolower($key)] = $val;
				$iskey = true;
				$key = '';
				$val = '';
			// double quotes
			if ($string[$i] == '"') {
				$dq = $dq ? false : true;
			// key value separator
			if ($string[$i] == '=' && !$dq && $iskey) {
				$iskey = false;
			// default
			if ($iskey)
				$key .= $string[$i];
				$val .= $string[$i];
		return $data;
//Setup VIM: ex: et ts=4 enc=utf-8 :

The code changed only by 4 lines:

--- syntax.old.php      2009-08-08 16:46:28.000000000 +0200
+++ syntax.php  2010-07-07 15:02:39.000000000 +0200
@@ -172,6 +172,10 @@
                 if ($opts['align'] == "right")  $this->rcmd['float'] = "right";
                 if (!empty($opts['caption']))
                     $this->rcmd['caption'] = hsc($opts['caption']);
+               if (!empty($opts['itemwidth']))
+               {
+                   $this->rcmd['width'] = intval($opts['itemwidth']);
+               }
           case DOKU_LEXER_MATCHED:
                 $menuitem = split('\|', trim(substr($match,6,-7)));

Here the wiki code for menu with this tweak :

<menu col=2,itemwidth=20,align=center,caption="Menu">
  <item>Item name1|Item descr1|[[Wiki link1]]| {{image1}}</item>
  <item>Item name2|Item descr2|[[Wiki link2]]| {{image2}}</item>
  <item>Item name3|Item descr3|[[Wiki link3]]| {{image3}}</item>



I really like your plugin but I have a problem with the colums.
I've got 5 sections to be shown in the menu and I want to have 2 colums. Up to this point it works fine. the prolem is, that in the left column, I have only 2 sections, but in the right column I have 3. That doesn't look very nice. And I can't find the mistake.
Do you know what I've done wrong?
Many regards,
Her is what I've written:

<menu col=2,align=left>
  <item>Aktuelles|Aktuellsten Themen aus dem Forum|[[aktuelles_intern]]|{{:news.jpg|}}</item>
  <item>Forum|Austausch aktueller Themen|[[forum]]|{{:forum.jpg|}}</item>
  <item>Infosammlung|Sammlung von Informtionen|[[infosammlung]]|{{:info.jpg|}}</item>
  <item>Protokolle|Protokolle aus dem Arbeitskreis|[[protokolle]]|{{:protokoll.jpg|}}</item>
Could it be that your icons in Front of the Text are pretty small?

The point here is that each menu item is placed in a separate <div></div> and float to its final position. For some reason your menu is very small and dense so the subtext uses several lines. It seems now that your fifth menu item can't float pass item three. Each <div> has a different size due to it's contents. Unfortunately I compensate this only in width but not in height.

a quick solution might be to choose bigger Icons so they define the height of the menu items. — Matthias Grimm 2011/02/01 21:29

Is this still maintained?? Just wandering cause berlios announced some weeks ago that they will soon shutdown their service - and so all links will soon be non-usable. 2011/11/11

Please rename your plugin

A plugin named “menu” still exist still 2006. See:
Conflict?! gr.Siggi


I would like to force col=1 on small screen like mobile phone. Does somebody knows a hack for this ? Great plugin by the way.

–Alexandre Bastien

It's a great plugin. Now I want to use it with weatherwax but the backlinks don't function any more. JuergenJuergen


Needs to update

Dosent work anymore on Hrun mnok 11.03.2014

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