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MediaList Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

> 2009-02-14, 2008-05-05, "Detritus", 2016-06-26, 2017-02-19

plugin Show a list of media files (images/archives...) referred in a given page or stored in a given namespace

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to filelist, filelisting

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an example

This plugin shows a list of media files for a given wikipage which are either linked in the page itself or belong to its namespace. Note, the plugin is aware of your ACLs.

In the namespace mode, a button to open the namespace by the Fullscreen Media Manager is shown at upper-right corner of the list area; it may be helpful to upload or delete files in the namespace.

If you're looking for a really versatile/flexible solution for listing media files, see the filelist plugin.


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to plugin installation instructions on how to install plugins manually.

Usage / Example

Specify a scope parameter that defines the output of the list of media files. The scope can be a “page id” or a “namespace”.

  1. page id: look up media files linked in the page (i.e. curly brackets {{...}} in page text).
  2. namespace: look up media files stored the namespace. The parameter ends by : or :* ,

Some replacement patterns for namespace templates@ID@, @NS@, @PAGE@ – are available in order to specify the scope parameter.

To list the media files linked in the current page use:

{{medialist>@ID@}} or {{medialist>@NS@:@PAGE@}}

To list media files stored in the current namespace use:


To list media files stored in the current namespace and its sub-namesapces use:


More examples:


Legacy Syntax Support

In the older release 2009-05-21 version, the scope parameter could be one of literal keywords, @PAGE@, @NAMESPACE@ and @ALL@. These literal keywords must be used as is, and are not replacement pattens.

  • {{medialist>@PAGE@}} shows files linked in the current page.
  • {{medialist>@NAMESPACE@}} shows files stored in the current namespace and sub namecpaces.
  • {{medialist>@ALL@}} shows all files when @PAGE@ and @NAMESPACE@ keywords given.
{{medialist>@PAGE@}} is same as {{medialist>@ID@}} 
{{medialist>@NAMESPACE@}} is same as {{medialist>@NS@:}} 

:!: NOTE: @ALL@ keyword will be obsoleted in future release. — s.sahara 2016-06-06 14:42


The medialist plugin was developed by Michael Klier <>, who does not provide any support after 2009-05-21 release. This plugin has adopted for further development to catch up newer DokuWiki and PHP 7 series.

Change Log

2016-06-30: added two config options: emptyInfo (default off), checkboxes (default off)

A complete changelog is available here.

Bugs / Feature Requests

Please report bugs and feature requests at the bug tracker.

Discussion before 2016-06-05 release

Thanks for good plugin. But It doesn't work with @PAGE@. so I patched the code below.


syntax.php line 172

        if(($mode == 'page') or ($mode == 'all')) {
            // check permissions for the page
            if(auth_quickaclcheck($id) >= AUTH_READ) {
                // get the instructions
                $ins = p_cached_instructions(wikiFN($id),true,$id);
                // get linked media files
                foreach($ins as $node) {
                    if($node[0] == 'internalmedia') {
                    } elseif($node[0] == 'externalmedia') {
        // remove unique items
        $media = array_unique(array_merge($linked_media,$intern_media));


	if($mode == 'all') {
         		$dir = utf8_encode('/');
		} elseif ($mode == 'page') {
			$dir = utf8_encode(str_replace(':','/', $id));
		} else {
			// $mode == 'ns'
			$dir = utf8_encode(str_replace(':','/', getNS($id)));
		// check permissions for the page
		if(@is_dir($conf['mediadir'] . '/' . $dir)) {
			if(auth_quickaclcheck($dir) >= AUTH_READ) {
				// get mediafiles of current namespace
				$res = array(); // search result
				foreach($res as $item) {
        // remove unique items
        $media = array_unique(array_merge($linked_media,$intern_media));

Kim.Jun-Gi 2011/02/22

Note, the patched plugin does not work exactly as described for the original. According to the description the plugin is supposed to list all media files linked in the page. The patched plugin ignores links and displays the contents of the media folder associated with the page instead. This is not necessarily the same.
Anyway, thank you for the patch! I was looking for a way to list all files “attached” to a page like twiki does. This comes pretty close. — KaiMartin 2015-10-12 23:52

Install with the Plugin-manager needs rectification

On Detritus the built-in extension manager consistently claimed it could not download the plugin. However, the files got actually downloaded. But they were placed in …/lib/plugins/pluginmedialist rather than in …/lib/plugins/medialist. The new syntax would not work even with the above patch applied. After I renamed the folder the plugin runs fine. — KaiMartin 2015-10-14 22:44

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