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 ---- plugin ---- ---- plugin ----
-description: Logs all login and logout actions with time, IP and username+description: Logs all login/logout actions and usage of admin tools with time, IP and username
 author     : Andreas Gohr author     : Andreas Gohr
 email      : email      :
 type       : action, admin type       : action, admin
-lastupdate : 2017-02-08 +lastupdate : 2020-11-12 
-compatible : 2018-04-22 "Greebo", Hrun, Detritus, Frusterick Manners+compatible : 2020-07-29 "Hogfather", 2018-04-22 "Greebo", Frusterick Manners, "Elenor of Tsort", Detritus, 
 depends    :  depends    : 
 conflicts  conflicts 
Line 17: Line 17:
 bugtracker : bugtracker :
 donationurl: donationurl:
 +screenshot_img: plugin:loglog.png
 ---- ----
-This Plugin will log all logins, logouts and failed login attempts to ''data/cache/loglog.log''. The log can be viewed on the admin screen.+This plugin will log all logins, logouts and failed login attempts to ''data/cache/loglog.log''Optionally, you can configure the plugin to send warning emails when certain limits for those activities have been exceeded. The default limits are 10 failed login attempts and 50 successful logins per minute. 
 +The log can be viewed on the admin screen. A monthly report will be sent if you enter an email in the plugin configuration.
 ===== Download and Installation ===== ===== Download and Installation =====
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