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Jira-links Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

Adora Belle, Weatherwax, Binky, Ponder Stibbons, Hrun, Detritus

plugin Automatically creates links to Jira issues and automatically add remote issue links back to the wiki pages where these issues are mentioned.

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to bugzillalinks, jira

Tagged with bugtracker, issue, jira, links


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


This plugin adds links back and forth between DokuWiki and the bugtracking software Jira by Atlassian.

Detection of issue keys on wiki pages

After configuring the Jira issue browser URL in the settings, Jira-links will automagically convert all issue keys (Uppercase letters - dash - number) on every page to a link to that specific issue. Typing…

We've got the troubles documented in REAKTOR-23, immediate action is...

…results in a link like this:

No changes to the Wiki syntax are necessary.

Known issue: UTF-8

Some abbreviations like UTF-8 are inadvertently changed to issue links. This results in invalid links going nowhere, since Jira-links doesn't check if a project or an issue really exists.

If you have Jira version 5.0 or later with the REST API enabled, PHP 5.2 or later and the Curl PHP module installed, you can set up Jira-links to add a link back to the wiki page on every issue mentioned on these pages (Remote issue link):

You need to explicitly enable this behavior in the plugin configuration, along with the Jira API URL and a username/password combination for a user with write authorization to these issues.

With the relationship string (Default: mentioned on) you can have the Jira interface group these links together.

After activating this functionality, the links won't appear in Jira until you've modified and saved a page on which the issue keys are found.

Please note that saving a page with a lot of issue keys can take up a long time, especially if Jira is slow to answer.

Quickinfo about the issue on hovering above an issue key

Feature idea coming later.

Jira search queries

This is not implemented with this plugin, but can easily created with InterWiki Links. Add the following lines to your conf/interwiki.local.conf file:

jirasearch    https://url-to-server/issues/?jql=text~"{NAME}"
jiralabels    https://url-to-server/issues/?jql=labels in ({NAME})

Then you add a link to a search for issue text or labels (comma separated) like this:

[[jiralabels>label1, label2]]

You can optionally upload icons to lib/images/interwiki with those names (jirasearch.gif, jiralabels.png), which will be automatically prepended to the links.

Configuration and Settings

Jira issues browser URL

Enter the complete URL to the Jira issues browser including the trailing slash:


Jira REST API configuration

Enter the complete URL to the Jira REST API endpoint including the trailing slash:


Additionally provide the Jira username and password for the user, which will make the required changes to the issues.

Security advisory: The password is saved in plain text to the configuration directory of DokuWiki. It would be wise not to use a Jira administration account for this.

In combination with a valid Jira REST API configuration, this will add links to the issues back to the pages where they are mentioned.

Examples of configuration files


 * Default configuration settings for the Jira-links plugin
 * @author christian studer <>
$conf['jiraserver'] = '';
$conf['jira_api_url'] = '';
$conf['url_relationship'] = 'Knowledge Base'; 


 * Configuration metadata for the Jira-links plugin
 * @author christian studer <>
$meta['jiraserver'] = array('');
$meta['enable_adding_urls_to_issues'] = array('on');
$meta['url_relationship'] = array('Knowledge Base');
$meta['jira_api_url'] = array('');
$meta['jira_api_username'] = array('mike');
$meta['jira_api_password'] = array('pass'); 


Heavily inspired by the existing Jira plugin, but with easier configuration.

Change Log

  • 2014-11-12
    • Fixes remote issue links (SSL was fixed to SSL3 which no longer works after the Internet recovered from Poodle)
  • 2013-12-12
    • Compatiblity with Binky
    • Better link generation
    • Adds dutch localisation by Klap-in
  • 2013-03-01
    • Adds remote issue links functionality.
  • 2012-11-20
    • Initial release of version 0.1


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