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isauth Plugin

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  • 2023-04-04 "Jack Jackrum" yes
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plugin Temporarily hide portions of the content which is not finished yet.

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Similar to condition, ifauth, ifauthex, nodisp, showif

Tagged with acl, groups, hide, if, users


Install the plugin using the Plugin Manager and the download URL above, which points to the latest version of the plugin. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


[isauth account,@group]Text displayed if authorized[/isauth]

The account or @group is allowed to see the text enclosed by the [isauth][/isauth] tags. multiple accounts and/or groups have to be separated by comma without any spaces in between.

Bugs / Feature Requests

Please report bugs or feature requests at the Issue Tracker.

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Change Log

ToDo/Wish List

  • clean up the code
  • improve some docs

There are still some “caveats” like in the original, but it is not subject to change as of now.


This plugin was forked from the ifauth plugin. I was tired of the lack of maintenance. I made changes to the code (fixes) many years ago for private usage - now I decided to fork and publish. So the “paragraph” issue is solved as well the code is PHP 7 compatible.

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