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html2pdf plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Exports HTML to PDF.

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Similar to dw2pdf, pdfex

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The goal of this plugin was to provide a simple, ready to go PDF converter that almost faithfully replicates the screen view of your wiki pages (i.e. doesn't convert them to a print-document format like the latex plugin). It also bundles the necessary fonts and libraries (hence the 52M size) so that you should not need to do any configuration to get it up and running as quickly as possible. I haven't thoroughly tested this point on many platforms yet, so any feedback is welcome.

  • Uses the html2ps PHP library which is itself a wrapper around one of several backends. In this plugin, it uses, by default, the fpdf backend.
  • Handles different languages (it bundles the large, but relatively complete arialuni.ttf font).
  • Outputs graphics of reasonable quality.

Issues and Requests

You can either use the forum above, or add below for any discussion about problems/requests you might have. Some of the old issues have been moved to the FAQ.

Use with the FCKG plugin

I'm using the fckg plugin with DokuWiki, which is far more rich in features than the regular wiki, and suits our needs (since we have to convert some word-like documents to DokuWiki).
So, would it be possible to somehow convert such a document (which includes, for example tables with colored cells, etc.) to PDF with html2pdf?

(since FCKG format is more similar to HTML than the DokuWiki syntax)

Thnx! - 2009/11/04

This package uses a library maintained by someone else which is just focusing on converting html to pdf.

Some Rendering Errors

I just installed the html2pdf Plugin. It's great an I like its performance. But I stumbled upon two Problems: First I wanted to export a gcalender produced by the gcalender Plugin, but it did not render the Pictures the PDF just showed the Text Second I was using an .htaccess to secure the Wiki. I got a lot of 401 errors as long I had this activated. Wen I deactivated it the Plugin just worked fine. My question is whether there are any workarounds to get rid of the two mentioned problems.

I haven't tried everything with the plugin, just the most common things. The guy who is writing the library has a monumental job - to faithfully render HTML+CSS is really difficult, even the browsers get it wrong. Still he's done a great job and is very active. I found a couple of problems when first starting to use the converter with just regular DokuWiki pages. However, if you simply scale the problem down to a simple example and hit the html2ps forum he's very quick on addressing them. He fixed the most glaring DokuWiki problems for me very quickly. That may be an approach you can take if you want the gcalender output rendered better.

The second problem, I'm a bit curious as to your setup. I'm using 2008 DokuWiki with Apache which has an AllowOverRide all setting for the DokuWiki directory. Other than that, I leave DokuWiki to handle the access (I think it uses one .htaccess file in the root folder - but I might be wrong about that, haven't checked in detail) and have no problems. Is the plugin directory owned by the web server?

Poor Graphics

I have installed the plugin html2pdf and when I tried it, the PDF-file that has been generated was good but not as far as those which are generated on the demo website.

I have maybe a file to modify, to configure the PDF export, but were is it? What can I put into it to have a good result as on the demo website?


Yohann – 2009-06-23

Run the systemcheck link (see the troubleshooting section above) and check everything is in working order. Is it primarily a fonts or graphics problem?

Too heavy

I see the interest to include the font, but the result is really too heavy; such files cannot even be sent by mail!
Pat – 2010-11-09

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