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headerfooter discussion page

You can ask question or discuss this plugin here, and I'll pay attention to this page as soon as possible. (Sorry for my poor English, and Chinese is my mother language.)

Customization via interface

What's about the possibility to edit the header/footer files via a interface (admin console or simple wikipages with ACL security for admins)? — kkuekkue

2014-09-22 08:51

Maybe it's out of the function of this plugins. You can choose FTP/SMTP/SSH/shared directory, too many available methods. Or maybe we can find a proper plugins to fulfil this need.

some questions

Thank you for your dokuwiki plugin “headerfooter”. I have some remarks to your code. I also had to alter the code to get it work on my wiki.

Here we go:

  • Please avoid chinese comments, take english comments instead
  • What is the reason for writing tt.txt?
  • A dokuwiki installation recommendation is to change the wiki data folder into any other hard to guess folder name. Your code should deal with this.
  • I had to remove the urlencode in line 21 to get it to run. I use language namespaces, maybe that is the problem.
Ok, let me answer these questions. Chinese comments may be replaced in next version. tt.txt is only a test file and can be deleted as you like. We'd better not move data folder, just like template function, unless you want to conceal the header/footer files, but this will make code more complicated. “urlencode” is a must, because official dokuwiki has encoded urls, if we use some non-English language, we must use “urlencode” and this doesn't affect the English language url yet.

[FIXED] Cannot install/download this plugin

Ignore sidebar file

Hi, as I am using sidebar to show a left panel, I want the plugin to ignore the header and footer for this file. I have done the folowing change:

++ if (strpos($ID,'sidebar')===false)
      $event->data .= $footer;

Hope this change can be incorporated to the plugin and maybe improved by adding a config of ignored files to be parsed.

Pages with "_" not reachable by dokuwiki editor

The problem:
The pages “_header” and “_footer” cannot be created / edited with the dokuwiki editor because they are filtered out. Otherwise this pages can only be inserted into the dokuwiki file structure by server admin.

Change all occurrences in the file “action.php” from “_header” to “hf_header” and “_footer.txt” to “hf_footer.txt”. After this the header page must be named “hf_header” and the footer page is called “hf_footer”


2018-01-31 13:31

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