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hcalendar Plugin

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plugin Create entries for a calendar using microformat hcalendar

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to gcalendar, google_cal

Tagged with calendar, date, microformat

Documentation (in German!)


Translator's Note (not Jürgen)

This is a nearly complete translation of externally available German documentation above just to help those billions of people not capable of understanding German. All essential information is included. Nevertheless there's more than quantity of native speakers selecting a Lingua Franca … it's language economy as well for sure …


Opportunities provided by gcalendar or google_cal make sense, however they are limiting user's abilities. Using HCalendar Plugin user can track appointments in his own schedule, requiring his web browser to be extended:

Read more on microformats!




You need to enter this tag in a single line!


{{hcal>2008/01/27|ramble|Nettersheim, Train Station}}


<div class="vevent"><div class="summary">ramble</div>
<span class="dtstart" title="2008-01-27">Sun 27. January 2008 </span>
<div class="location">Nettersheim, Train Station</div>
<span class="uid" style="font-size:4pt;">7389f65cae82068410b187f125718d54</span>

Example #2

{{hcali>2008/01/27[10:30:00]|ramble 2|Nettersheim, Train Station}}


ramble 2 Sun 27.January 2008 10:30 Nettersheim, Train Station


Rendering list entries and inline version might be controlled using several elements:

HCalendar element name HTML elements for list entries HTML elements for inline version
vevent div, abbr, span, p, h4, h5 abbr, span
summary div, abbr, span, p, h4, h5 abbr, span
dtstart div, abbr, span, p, h4, h5 abbr, span
dtend div, abbr, span, p, h4, h5 abbr, span
location div, abbr, span, p, h4, h5 abbr, span
uid div, abbr, span, p, h4, h5 abbr, span
dtstamp div, abbr, span, p, h4, h5 abbr, span

In addition you may adjust locale used on rendering, which is achieved using PHP function setlocale!


Simply use plugin management or extract the archive to lib/plugins.


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