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-==== Auto Login ==== 
-The ''​GOTO''​ plugin has an  auto login feature which redirects the user to the user's page.  ​ 
-==== Configuration ==== 
-|seconds|Time till redirection (seconds)| 3| 
-|minSeconds|Minimum time allowed till redirection (seconds) | 2| 
-|auto_login|On login, automatically go to predefined page, as set in ''​auto_options''​ |false | 
-|auto_options|Target for the auto_login page(See [[#​auto_options]])|:​user_page | 
-|common_ns|Arbitrarily defined namespace of any depth where all auto login pages will reside. This can include the wildcard ''​user_ns''​ | | 
-==== Auto_Options ==== 
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