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-===== Auto Login ===== 
-There are two ways to implement the auto login feature. ​ 
-==== 1. Embedded GOTO Syntax ==== 
-The first uses the GOTO syntax with the ''​user''​ wildcard ​ in place of the page id: 
-    ~~GOTO:​user~~ ​ 
-This must be placed on the wiki's main page, so that when the user logs in the page displayed in the browser is the page with this markup. No message printed to the screen. and the user is  redirected to the user page in the root namespace. If the userid is "​foo",​ the user page will be ":​foo"​. This does not take a time setting: ''?​tm''​. ​ The redirection occurs immediately on login. 
-==== 2. Configured Background Process ==== 
-On login, the auto login feature redirects the user to the user's page.  This page is based on the ''​userid''​ and is configured using the ''​auto_options''​ setting. ​ For this to work, the ''​auto_login''​ option must be set to true. This feature does not require any additional syntax. ​   
-==== Configuration ==== 
-|seconds|Time till redirection (seconds)| 3| 
-|minSeconds|Minimum time allowed till redirection (seconds) | 2| 
-|auto_login|On login, automatically go to predefined page, as set in ''​auto_options''​ |false | 
-|auto_options|Target for the auto_login page(See [[#​auto_options]])|:​user_page | 
-|common_ns|Arbitrarily defined namespace of any depth where all auto login pages will reside. This can include the wildcard ''​user_ns'',​ in which case all users will have a namespace in the common namespace directory. | | 
-|group|Comma separated list of  group namespaces to which users can be redirected. Different users can be in different groups. ​ If a user belongs to two groups on this list,  the user will be redirected to the first.| | 
-|group_options|The user can be redirected either to the group start page or to the user's own page in the group namespace.|start_page| 
-|only_option| ''​group''​ redirects only to group namespaces and their pages; ''​user''​ to user namespaces and pages; and ''​default''​ to either, with group having precedence.|default| 
-==== Auto_Options ==== 
-There a four options available for defining the user page and namespace to which the auto login will be directed. ​ In each case ''​user''​ stands for the userid and ''​ns''​ for namespace. If the userid is "​foo",​ then the first option would give you ":​foo"​ in the root namespace, the second option ":​foo:​foo"​. ​ The start page is one of DokuWiki'​s ''​basic''​ configurations and defaults to ''​start''​. The fourth option requires that the GOTO ''​common_ns''​ option be set.  These are the four possibilities for defining the auto login page: 
-  - :user_page \\ :​foo  ​ 
-  - :​user_ns:​user_page \\ :foo:foo 
-  - :​user_ns:​start_page \\ foo:start 
-  - :​common_ns:​user_page \\ <​common_ns>:​foo ((See [[#​configuration]]))