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 +====== Google Chart Plugin ======
 +---- plugin ----
 +description: Allows to embed simple chart graphics using the Google Chart API
 +author     : Andreas Gohr
 +email      :
 +type       : syntax
 +lastupdate : 2021-09-19
 +compatible : 2010-11-07 2011-05-25+, Frusterick Manners
 +depends    : 
 +similar    : pchart
 +tags       : media, images, diagram, chart, google, embed, barcode
 +sourcerepo :
 +bugtracker :
 +===== Download and Installation =====
 +Search and install the plugin using the [[plugin:extension|Extension Manager]]. Refer to [[:Plugins]] on how to install plugins manually.
 +==== Changes ====
 +{{rss> date}}
 +===== Syntax =====
 +Let's start with an example:
 +{{ :plugin:gchart.png?nolink}}
 <code> <code>
 <gchart 350x120 pie3d #0000ff #ffffff right> <gchart 350x120 pie3d #0000ff #ffffff right>
-Apples       33+Apples       3
 Peaches      = 23 Peaches      = 23
 Strawberries = 25 Strawberries = 25
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 </code> </code>
 +As you can see, the usage is simple. You give your data as name=value pairs inside the ''<gchart>'' tags. In the start tag you can add various optional options:
 +  * **Size** give in the form ''//width//x//height//'' in pixels. Defaults to ''%%320x140%%''
 +  * **Type** defaults to ''pie3d'', can be one of the following
 +    * ''pie3d'' for a 3D pie graph
 +    * ''pie2d'' for a 2D pie graph
 +    * ''line'' for a line graph
 +    * ''sparkline'' for a "sparkline" graph
 +    * ''hbar'' for a horizontal bar graph
 +    * ''vbar'' for a vertical bar graph
 +    * ''qr'' for a two-dimensional barcode
 +  * **Graph color** this is the first hex color given. Defaults to the configuration (see below) or orange if no config is given.
 +  * **Background color** this is the second hex color given. Defaults to the configuration (see below) or white if no config is given.
 +  * **Alignment** can be ''left'', ''center'' or ''right''. Defaults to ''right''.
 +  * **Value Display** if ''value'' is given, the entered values are added to the graph
 +  * **Legend** is only available for pie graphs. If ''legend'' is given, the slices will not be labeled directly
 +  * **Title** if you want to add a title to the graphic, give it in quotes. E.g. ''"this is my Title"''
 +Hex colors can be the typical 3 part RGB hexcodes known from HTML or can contain a 4th alpha transparency value.
 +For QR-codes, the first line of data may contain a unique lettre ''L'', ''M'', ''Q'' or ''H'' to indicate the error correction level. The default value in ''L''. The other lines are joined with a semi-colon (;) and encoded in the barcode:
 +<gchart qr 120x120>
 +===== Configuration =====
 +The default graph and background color can be set in the [[config|configuration manager]] to match the style of your template.
 +It is recommended to enable the [[config:fetchsize]] option to make use of image caching.
 +===== Limitations =====
 +  * No encoding is used for the values, it might not work for big or many values
 +  * An internet connection is needed (because Google's servers are used)
 +  * Only single dimensional charts (a single row of data pairs) are supported
 +  * If this is too limiting for you I recommend one of the similar plugins
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