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Compatible with DokuWiki

2012-01-25 2012-10-13

plugin Adds useful HTML styles not already in DokuWiki

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to blockquote, formatplus2, styler

Tagged with formatting, quotes, style, typography

As of 2012-06-03, this plugin is not compatible with “Rincewind” or earlier versions of DokuWiki.

This plugin provides the additional HTML formatting styles as wiki markup.

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A drop-down menu containing shortcuts for all the formatting styles is added to the edit toolbar.

The inline formatting syntax is as follows:

Style Syntax HTML Tag
Variable ??..?? VAR
Definition @@..@@ DFN
Citation &&..&& CITE
Keyboard ``..`` KBD
Sample code $$..$$ SAMP
Superscript /^..^/ SUP
Subscript /,..,/ SUB
Insert /+..+/ INS CLASS=simple
Delete /-..-/ DEL CLASS=simple
Inverse /!..!/ EM CLASS=inverse
Small-Caps !!..!! STRONG CLASS=smallcaps
Quote "".."" Q

There are three block formats:

Style Syntax HTML Tag
Block Insert <ins title =cite @date></ins> INS CLASS=block
Block Delete <del title =cite @date></del> DEL CLASS=block
Block Quote <quote cite></quote> BLOCKQUOTE CLASS=citation

The block insert and delete styles will also wrap the text in a DIV block with the class name inserted or deleted. HTML requires this to determine whether the tag is being used inline or as a block.

The block styles, as well as the inline quote style, can have attributes. All attributes are optional. For inline quotes, the cite attribute can be specified like this: ""=cite|..""

The included stylesheet is intended for browsers that fully support CSS2. This does not include older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, however. The plugin outputs a JavaScript function that uses DHTML to compensate.


The plugin allows you to disable individual styles. In the configuration manager, select the formatting styles that you do not want to use. If the option classic_del is selected, then DokuWiki's default block delete will be used when there are no attributes, but the syntax with attributes will be handled by the plugin.

The editor buttons are added in a sub-menu of the toolbar. If the toplevel option is set, then buttons are shown in the main toolbar.


This plugin is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.


  • 2012-06-03 – Update to jQuery. Block quotes can now contain paragraphs. Use the title attribute instead of cite. (cite is supposed to be a URI).
  • 2010-10-31 – Use the new event to create toolbar buttons. Breaks compatibility with “Lemming”


Bug: If the canonical url option is activated, the toolbar icons are not visible.
Solution: Change in action.php every row like

 'icon'  => DOKU_BASE.'lib/plugins/...'


 'icon'  => '../../plugins/...'

That's it moz

On 2017 Frusterick Manners, error:

TypeError: jQuery.browser is undefined
if(jQuery.browser.msie && 8 > parseFloat(jQuery.browser.version)){
js.php?...3892c5d (line 59754)

I have found a snippet to substitute the discontinued jQuery.browser here, so I have modified script.js and forked this plugin.

Actually I prefer to help updating this plugin instead of forking because my modification is relatively trivial compared to the framework built by Tom. But he is busy now and has not replied my mail for days. — MilchFlasche 2017-11-03 17:28

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