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2015-07-21 - great plugin, works brilliant on my local Apache 2.4 but not on the same copy on a Ubuntu 14.04 server :(
All files are the same, the cache was deleted, permissions are set but there is no unfolding on the servers dokuwiki when I click the link. The items remain folded.
There is also Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.5
Both with Firefox or other browser. I reinstalled it without change. What can it be? Does this plugin not work with a special configuration?

Solution was: deactivate the fontcolor plugin. I noticed an error in Firebug with addInitEvent(plugin_fontcolor_toolbar_picker), which I found in js.php after a little search. This the error in Firebug:

Reference Error: addInitEvent is not defined in js.php ....

so I deactiavted this fontcolor plugin and now again it works :)
I use the simple color plugin instead, works nicely as well, even better, as I can remember the code (color) better ;)
fontcolor plugin broke also the hidden plugin by the way.

2015-01-14 - Nice plugin. Is it possible to get the “unfold all” code mentioned below included in this plugin? A separate plugin similar to the “hiddenswitch” plugin would also be possible.

Write the code into the sidebar and you will get something similar to the “hiddenswitch”. You can style the buttons with the css-style-attribute.
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