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FlowPlayer Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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  • 2022-07-31 "Igor" unknown
  • 2020-07-29 "Hogfather" no
  • 2018-04-22 "Greebo" yes

plugin Allows to embed a flash video into Wiki pages

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This extension is marked as obsoleted. Therefore it is hidden in the Extension Manager and the extension listing. Furthermore, it is candidate for removal.

Similar to flashplayer, flowplay2

Tagged with !obsolete, embed, flash, media, video

Flash is not available anymore in browsers. Video functionality is included in DokuWiki, see the media syntax description and video options including adding subtitles.


Using this plugin, you can embed audio and video files into your wiki pages. This is accomplished by using of <OBJECT> tag together with FlowPlayer. Feel free to correct any info on this page, because my English is really bad.

Download and Installation

Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Syntax and Usage

{{flowplayer>mediafile [width,height] [[no]param] [param:value]}}

Mediafile may be specified by absolute URL or relative one. Width and height has defaults of 320 and 240 respectively. Also there is default parameter of 'noautoPlay' to prevent undesirable behaviour of player.

  • Parameter looking like 'width,height' sets the width and height of the player.
  • Parameter looking like 'param:value' sets any non-Boolean parameter to 'value'.
  • Parameter looking like 'param' sets the Boolean parameter to 'true'.
  • Parameter looking like 'noparam' set the Boolean parameter to 'false'.

List of all available parameters you can get here.


{{flowplayer>http://mydomain.tld/myfolder/mymedia.flv 320,240 noautoPlay}}
{{flowplayer>namespace:subnamespace:file.flv 400,300 autoBuffering}}


2013-05-18 Version 0.5:

  • FlowPlayer updated to version 3.2.16

2012-09-12 Version 0.4:

  • Fixed installation to the wrong folder by adding valid file
  • FlowPlayer updated to version 3.2.15
  • Some cosmetic changes in the code

2011-08-08 Version 0.3:

  • Fixed potential vulnerability in parsing of malicious URLs
  • Improved parameters parsing routine
  • ID attribute of OBJECT tag is pseudo-random now
  • Some cosmetic changes in generated HTML code

2011-08-04 Version 0.2:

  • FlowPlayer updated to version 3.2.7
  • Added default values “scaling:fit” and “urlEncoding:true”
  • Removed non-working patch for non-Latin filenames (there is long-standing bug in the FlowPlayer)
  • Fixed bug with quotes around values

2010-03-24 Version 0.1:

  • Initial release. It uses latest FlowPlayer 3.1.5 and works with non-Latin filenames.


Captions possibility

Is that possible to use Captions/Subtitles in Dokuwiki with flashplayer?

Full screen scaling

Nice work!

To get proper scaling in full screen mode, add the 'scaling' parameter:

    function handle($match, $state, $pos, &$handler){
        $width = 320;
        $height = 240 + 24;
	$params['scaling'] = '"fit"';
        $params['autoPlay'] = 'false';

You can see a sample of this player here:

(Arno Welzel)

Added as default value in the current version of plugin.

An uups with ACL

Too bad - it does not work for me, it just does not recognise the syntax. Even the plugin-info is missing so I cannot email the programmer for short. I got no idea how to come by. Does anyone got a good hint for me?

feiler at

My e-mail is specified at the top of this page, and this plugin is works for sure (at least on two different sites). Can you describe your problem at greater length?

MEA CULPA! - The plugin is really great. I just mixed some file-attributes (yes, php-savemode really checks file-ownership). The problem here was, that wiki did'nt gave even a trace of a sign to me. I accidently found that issue by doing something total different. Since I fixed the ownership all works out just fine. – Thank You Alexey.

feiler at

DW-syntax path doesn't work for me, normal URL ok

I have some videos that contain some company-sensitive info, which I want to play through a closed Wiki. I can play the video fine if I:
cd /my/dokuwiki/root
ln -s ./media/video ./video

and make my video link:


(Note that I'm using H.264/MP4 video files, and accessing the wiki via HTTPS.)

However, the problem with that is that that makes my videos accessible to the outside world at of course.

Linking as:


always seems to lead to a Flowplayer error:

200, Stream not found, NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound, clip: '[Clip] '/wiki/lib/exe/fetch.php/media:video:MP4_video_filename.mp4''

Can anyone shed any light on what I'm missing, why dokuwiki-syntax doesn't seem to work for me?


Tom Green


I think there may be an error in the code example above: on my wiki, this code does NOT work:


but this does:


It's not error but rather bad choice of example. Actually, “media:video” is an imaginary namespace for mediafiles, not a real “media” folder of DokuWiki installation. To avoid further misunderstandings I have changed namespaces in the example.

Error 'null' is null or not an object

Very nice plugin! Thank you.

When i use the plugin with IE8, I get the error message: 'null' is null or not an object

Anyhow, the player works. Does anyone know the matter of this error message?

best regards, Dietmar (grasboeck dot dietmar at fronius dot com)


To fix this problem edit the syntax.php file in the plugin folder flowplayer

Change line 65 from:

$renderer->doc .= '<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash"';


$renderer->doc .= '<object id="'.$data['url'].'" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"';

I am using IE8 too, but never saw this error. Anyway, I will apply suggested changes in the next version of plugin. Something similar was made in version 0.3 of plugin. — Alexey Markov 2012/09/12 14:13

Red dotted line of death

not having any luck with the flowplayer plugin (or the mp3play for that matter). Get a red, underlined link when embedding the code into a page. i.e.

doesn't actually render the flowplayer, just produces an incorrect anchor element by basically just appending “flowplayer_” to the _media link (i.e.

Had another plugin installed ok, so I believe my plugin directory permissions are ok. Using latest stable release of Dokuwiki.

It seems like Flowplayer tag doesn't rendered at all, but I can't say why - it's definitely a local problem. Can you send me a URL with a problem page? — Alexey Markov 2012/09/12 14:24

Installation into wrong folder

FIX 12/6/2011

I'm not sure why, but if you install this by using the DokuWiki installer, it puts the installed files into a weird folder /lib/plugins/RedRat-flowplayer-xxxxxxx. The README says this folder should be named /lib/plugins/flowplayer. Make sure you don't have a folder with the same name, do the DokuWiki installer from the Download link above, and then rename the folder to /lib/plugins/flowplayer and it worked for me.
That's because the plugin is missing the required That's needed for the plugin installer to know into which folder to install a plugin (if the plugin's folder is called something else, like in this case as it's downloaded from github). — Anika Henke 2011/12/07 23:59

Fixed in the current version by adding valid file. — Alexey Markov 2012/09/12 14:16

Changing the Controls?

If you go to you can modify the look of the controls on the player. If you click on “Standalone Page” and then view the source, the part that generates the flowplayer looks something like this:

<script language="JavaScript">
	flowplayer("player", "", {"clip":{"provider":"pseudostreaming","url":""},"screen":{"height":"100pct","top":0},"plugins":{"controls":{"timeColor":"#ffffff","borderRadius":"0px","buttonOffColor":"rgba(130,130,130,1)","bufferGradient":"none","sliderColor":"#000000","zIndex":1,"backgroundColor":"rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)","scrubberHeightRatio":0.6,"tooltipTextColor":"#ffffff","volumeSliderGradient":"none","sliderGradient":"none","spacing":{"time":6,"volume":8,"all":2},"timeBorderRadius":20,"timeBgHeightRatio":0.8,"volumeSliderHeightRatio":0.6,"progressGradient":"none","height":26,"volumeColor":"rgba(253, 207, 0, 1)","name":"controls","timeSeparator":" ","tooltips":{"marginBottom":5,"buttons":false},"volumeBarHeightRatio":0.2,"opacity":1,"timeFontSize":12,"left":"50pct","tooltipColor":"rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)","bufferColor":"#a3a3a3","border":"0px","volumeSliderColor":"#ffffff","buttonColor":"#ffffff","durationColor":"rgba(253, 207, 0, 1)","autoHide":{"enabled":true,"hideDelay":500,"mouseOutDelay":500,"hideStyle":"fade","hideDuration":400,"fullscreenOnly":true},"backgroundGradient":"none","width":"100pct","display":"block","sliderBorder":"1px solid rgba(128, 128, 128, 0.7)","buttonOverColor":"#ffffff","url":"flowplayer.controls-3.2.5.swf","progressColor":"rgba(253, 207, 0, 1)","timeBorder":"0px solid rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3)","timeBgColor":"rgb(0, 0, 0, 0)","scrubberBarHeightRatio":0.2,"bottom":0,"builtIn":false,"volumeBorder":"1px solid rgba(128, 128, 128, 0.7)","margins":[2,12,2,12]},"rtmp":{"netConnectionUrl":"rtmp://","url":""}}});

Is there a way to modify the syntax.php file so the plugin always uses some modified controls like that?

Yes, of course! You can add any needed parameters right into the function render() in the syntax.php file. — Alexey Markov 2012/09/12 14:21

French language

 * French language file
 * @license    GPL 2 (
 * @author     Fabrice Dejaigher <>
$lang['GetFlash'] = 'Vous devez installer <a href="">Flash Player</a> pour voir cette vidéo !';

chtiland 2013/12/30 19:02

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