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Emoji Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Emoji substitution plugin using graphics from EmojiOne

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Syntax, Action

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The emoji plugin lets you insert emoji in wiki pages. Graphics are from EmojiOne and are licensed with a Creative Commons license.


This plugin was released on 2015-07-24. Download it from GitHub and install manually, or using the Extension Manager. The download button at the top of this page will always point to the most recent version of the plugin.

:!: PHP 5.3 or later is required.


The source for downloading emoji graphics can be configured. The options are to use the plugin's built-in graphics, use a public CDN (currently, or use an external CDN of your choosing. The last option requires you to set the base URI to download from. The assets folder from this plugin, or from EmojiOne, needs to be copied to the download location.


  1. Copy the Unicode character, 😄
  2. Type a shortname, :smile:
  3. Type an emoticon, :-)

While editing a wiki page, when you begin to type a shortname you will see a popup with suggested emoji. Use the up and down arrow keys or mouse to select an emoji, continue typing a name to see other suggestions, and press Tab or Enter to insert the selected emoji in the page. Type Space or any other punctuation to dismiss the popup. It will also go away if there are no more suggestions.


Possible future options are configurable alternate graphics and a helper plugin.

Change Log

Known Bugs and Issues

Suggestion data for the autocomplete popup is not loaded from a CDN.


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