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 ---- plugin ---- ---- plugin ----
-description: Integrate Elasticsearch engine+description: Integrate an external Elasticsearch engine into DokuWiki
 author     : Andreas Gohr, Anna Dabrowska  author     : Andreas Gohr, Anna Dabrowska 
 email      :  email      : 
 type       : action type       : action
-lastupdate : 2021-04-27+lastupdate : 2021-06-10
 compatible : Greebo, Hogfather compatible : Greebo, Hogfather
 depends    :  depends    : 
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 If you have configured multiple languages using the [[plugin:translation|Translation plugin]], they will be mapped as well. If you have configured multiple languages using the [[plugin:translation|Translation plugin]], they will be mapped as well.
-At present there is no special filter that would let the user search in a particular language onlyHoweverit is possible to filter the results by language namespaces.+By default all available translation are searched. Users can change the language selection in Advanced Search Tools. 
 +You can also enable translation detection in the plugin configuration. The option is called ''detectTranslation''. When activated, the search will try to detect the current language context from the top namespace, and then set the language filter accordinglyFor exampleif the translation plugin is configured to handle the ''en es fr'' namespaces and the user starts the search when browsing the page ''es:capítulos:tres'', the language filter will be automatically set to ''es''.
 ==== Index management ==== ==== Index management ====
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