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Editor Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki


plugin Shows a list of recently changed pages by a given user or IP address. (previous authors: Esther Brunner)

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Syntax, Helper
feed, include, pagelist

This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to userhistory

Tagged with changelog, ip, listing, users


The Editor Plugin shows a list of recently changed pages by a given user or IP address. The syntax is:

[namespace] the namespace to be searched for changes by the editor optional; default is the whole wiki
[user] username of the editor required
[ip] IP address of the editor required
[group] usergroup with an @ sign as first char required
[flags] pagelist flags delimited by &, see flags optional

Bugs / Feature Requests

Please report bugs or feature requests at the Bug tracker.

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Reduce Results to a specific Number

Hi, is it somehow possible to reduce the shown results for example to 10?

Yep, I really would like to have this possibility too… (great work btw!)

Feature Requests

  • Automatic use: Rather then require markup how about a call like to show username's edits.
I've taken a stab at making an Editor Action plugin before, but couldn't wrap my head around it. This would make a good example problem. — abr 2008/10/18 07:09
This can be accomplished with the mypage plugin. There is an example on how to use it with the editor plugin. — Viktor SöderqvistViktor Söderqvist

2011/05/01 23:11


Hi, I do not see the date, there's only d.m.y H:i Any hints?

This comes from the conf/dokuwiki.php file. modify this line:
$conf['dformat']     = 'd.m.y H:i';
$conf['dformat']     = '%Y/%m/%d %H:%M';

that did it for me.

Any examples? I am having trouble displaying anything with Rincewind.

Display pages by date instead of user

Hi, I've made a modification to the plugin so that it allows filtering by date instead of user. You can either display (for a given namespace or globally) pages that have been edited since a certain date or pages that have been edited during a given period (e.g. in the last 7 days). Changing this was a pretty straightforward find-and-replace-job.

Would you be interested in merging the functionality? Otherwise I would just release it on my own (with appropriate credit). – Georg Sorst, 04/18/2009.

I just noticed that Dokuwiki 2009-02-14 now has a function for this (getRecentsSince()), so it should be even easier to integrate. – Georg Sorst, 04/18/2009.
Yes, I'd be interested in mergin this functionality. If you have it ready you can just send me your patch and I'll add it. — Michael Klier 2009/05/18 11:49

Display all edits, not only the recent ones

To display all edits, increase the setting recent_days to a very large number, such as 3650 (~10 years). This should be done in advance since the index of recent changes is not rebuilt automatically. This might make the wiki slow when saving a page though. — Viktor SöderqvistViktor Söderqvist

2011/05/01 23:11

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