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Line 6: Line 6:
 email      :  email      : 
 type       : syntax type       : syntax
-lastupdate : 2022-07-13+lastupdate : 2022-07-22
 compatible : Igor, Hogfather compatible : Igor, Hogfather
 depends    :  depends    : 
Line 107: Line 107:
 {{ |Timeline}} {{ |Timeline}}
 +=== Horizontal Timeline ===
 +<dwtimeline align="horz" title="Title of Timeline" description="A additional description">
 +<milestone title="First milestone" description="My first timeline entry" data="22">
 +Between the milestone start and end, you can even use Wiki markup, e.g. images:
 +<milestone title="Second milestone with link" description="First of the blue era" link="[[|External Link]]" data="bl"  backcolor="LightBlue">
 +A milestone entry accepts title, description and link as options.
 +Everytime followed by ''='' and the option surrounded by ''"'':
 +title="Second milestone with link" description="My second timeline entry" link="[[|External Link]]"
 +< /code>
 +This one is rendered at the **other** side of the //timeline//
 +<milestone title="Third milestone" description="My third timeline entry" link="[[playground:playground|]]"  backcolor="LightBlue">
 +This one is rendered at the other side of the timeline
 +<WRAP center round info 60%>
 +info box
 +</dwtimeline title="End of Timeline">
 +{{ |horizontal Timeline}}
 ===== Configuration and Settings ===== ===== Configuration and Settings =====
Line 141: Line 168:
   * **2022-07-13**   * **2022-07-13**
     * [[|more compatibility for style.css]] (class names)      * [[|more compatibility for style.css]] (class names) 
 +  * **2022-07-22**
 +    * Add container arround timeline
 +      * add basic "print.css"
 +      * add buttons for timeline and milestone skeleton in editor
 +      * fix overlapping content of timeline (see title of commit)
 +      * fix(?) use of milestone outside of the timeline
 +      * fix change of alignment in milestones
 +      * fix extend the entry patter to find the fitting exit pattern
 === Known Bugs and Issues === === Known Bugs and Issues ===
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