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dokumicrobugtracker Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

Lemming, Anteater, Rincewind

plugin Allows creation of a simple bug tracker

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to issuetracker

Tagged with bugtracker

Download and Installation

Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Syntax and Usage

[project] the project name of your bugtracker (eg : name of your software) required
[status] a filter to display only certain statuses default is all
[display] a filter to display only the report form, or only the bugs list, or count the number of different statuses in the project default is both form and report


Display all bugs for project KhtEditor :


Display just the report forms for project KhtEditor :


Display all fixed bugs for project KhtEditor with a report form :


Display the number of report groups by status :



Each project has its own data file, which are named based on an md5 of the project name with the bugs extension, and stored in the datas/metas Dokuwiki folder.

Still in development

This plugin is a first shot, it's still in development and you're all welcome to submit any ideas, or reviews. There is currently a bug in the header sorting when displaying multiple forms in the same page.


Version 2010-08-13 Initial Release
Version 2010-08-14 Fix bug creating first bug report
Version 2010-08-16 Add report to user saying that bug is well saved (#4)
Version 2010-08-17 Add several feature, email notification, delete (for admin only), dynamic captcha (#3, #5, #6)
Version 2010-08-26 Fix bug on the dynamic captcha, notifications, clear description area after report
Version 2010-08-27 Fix bug on insert report due to deletion
Version 2011-01-05 Implement Ajax edition, add count feature, remove delete button
Version 2011-02-18 Fix #16, #20 : Add missing / and table class inline.
Version 2011-03-07 Fix #11, #21 : Fix url callback and edit feature.
Version 2011-04-13 Fix #27, remove the forced title in the form, fix multiple post occurring when displaying multiple bugs list and report in the same page.
Version 2011-08-24 Implement #65 (Configurable severity), Implement #62 (Inform user of modification on a report), Implement #64 (No report without information), Use captcha helper plugin for consistent captcha on the wiki, Fix #34.
Version 2011-10-17 Use jquery, datatables plugin and jEditable to manage table (added a seach feature, and filter the number of bugs to display, and better sorting).There is also a fix for a unexploited yet security issue.
Version 2011-10-18 Fix link to the stylesheet in action.php, fix the delete feature.

Bug tracker

Bug tracker available at:


hi, i was waiting for years to get a bugtracker like this. thanks a lot.

IMHO, it would be nice, you remove the alert-dialog after opening a new report. further i recommend an edit-function to modify reported bugs (with dropdowns for status and severity). at the moment you can change details of existent reports accidentally. and i have to reload the page again, after opening a new report, to see the result in my buglist (i'm using 'nocache', but without any success).

nice to have: i would be very cool to get a dropdown for assign bugs to registered users with an automatic generated mail to his/her mail-addy. second: i prefer not to split the buglists into different projects by default. it's a nice and maybe useful feature, but i could also need a huge buglist over all projects (perhaps via input-text in the openform?).

winky Thu Sep 9 09:34:35 MEST 2010

hi, it would be nice to have a query that only gets the number of (all, open, closed, etc…) bugs

patrik Thu, 07 Oct 2010 09:42:03

hi, if this plugin does not work, rename the folder of the plugin and delete that “latest” postfix …. works for me :)

dragonauta 2011/05/11 03:11

Hi, it would be very nice to have a bugs summary when you have several projects. maybe dokumicrobugtracker>projects=all

taggic 2011-07-07 12:15

Hi, this plugin is a good use case and worth to be enhanced. Therfore I put some issues to the bugtracker of your home.


Hi, this plugin make me lose part of my syntax icon. I only had the first nine of them. I had to delete the plugin to make my icons reappear. I'm using Angua.

Alexandre Bastien 2012-05-14 16:55 404. — gry 2012-07-02 is the download link, it is 404!! Please fix, thanks. — gry 2012-07-02

Get Severity configurable

I wanted to have more and other status information available but it should be configurable via Admin configuration. To get this use case running the following things have to be modified.

Step 1: Modify default.php
add following lines to the default.php file

$conf['severity']      = 'Query,Minor,Medium,Major,Critical,Feature Request,';  // or what ever you want to have initially
$conf['status']        = 'New,Assigned,External Pending,In Progress,Solved,Canceled,Double'; // preparation for later improvement

Step 2: Modify metadata.php
add following lines to the meta.php file

$meta['severity']       = array('string');
$meta['status']         = array('string');

Step 3: Create Admin config items

  1. therefore create a languge directory: …\plugins\dokumicrobugtracker\lang\en
  2. create a settings.php file within this directory with following content
 * English language file
 * @license    GPL 2 (
 * @author     
// for the configuration manager
$lang['send_email']    = 'Send email off by default'; 
$lang['email_address'] = 'Whom to inform about new issues';
$lang['use_captcha']   = 'Use captcha'; 
$lang['severity']      = 'Define severity levels you will use';
$lang['status']        = 'Define issue status levels you will use';

Step 4: adapt the syntax.php

  1. function _report_render to be modified as follows
   function _report_render()
        global $lang;
        global $ID;
        // added by Taggic on 2011-07-08
        // load severity values from config file into control
        $STR_SEVERITY = "";
        $severity = explode(',', $this->getConf('severity')) ;
        foreach ($severity as $_severity)
            $STR_SEVERITY = $STR_SEVERITY . '<option value="'.$_severity.'" >'.$_severity."</option>'     ";
        $user_mail = pageinfo();  //to get mail address of reporter
        $ret = '<br /><br /><form class="dokumicrobugtracker__form" method="post" action="'.$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'].'" accept-charset="'.$lang['encoding'].'"><p>';
        $ret .= formSecurityToken(false).
        '<input type="hidden" name="do" value="show" />'.
        '<input type="hidden" name="id" value="'.$ID.'" />'.
        '<label> User : </label><input class="dokumicrobugtracker__option" name="user" type="text" maxlength="100" value="'.$user_mail['userinfo']['mail'].'"/></p>'.
        '<p><label> Version : </label><input class="dokumicrobugtracker__option" name="version" type="text" maxlength="100" value="'.$_REQUEST['version'].'"/></p>'.
        '<p><label> Severity : </label>'.
        '  <select class="element select small dokumicrobugtracker__option" name="severity">'.
        '       '.$STR_SEVERITY.
        '	 </select></p>'.      
        '<p><label> Description : </label><br /><textarea class="dokumicrobugtracker__option" name="description">'.$_REQUEST['description'].'</textarea></p>';
        if ($this->getConf('use_captcha')==1)  
            $ret .= '<p><img src="'.DOKU_BASE.'lib/plugins/dokumicrobugtracker/image.php" alt="captcha" /><label>what s the result? </label><input class="dokumicrobugtracker__option" name="captcha" type="text" maxlength="3" value=""/></p>';      
        $ret .= '<p><input class="button" type="submit" '.
        'value="Report" /></p>'.
        return $ret;    

To be fair: I posted a further development based on your code due to I'm that impatient to get this plugin running and improved. Please let me know if that disturbs somehow your project, plannings or conflicts otherwise and I will delete my Issue Tracker from the community.

taggic 2011-07-10

Hi, it s completely not a problem, code is open source, and i'm happy some use it or best improve it, fork it. :) Regards, — khertan 2011-07-28

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