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Line 6: Line 6:
 email      :  email      : 
 type       : syntax, action, helper type       : syntax, action, helper
-lastupdate : 2018-08-29 +lastupdate : 2021-03-16 
-compatible : Greebo, Frusterick Manners, !Elenor Of Tsort, !Detritus, !Hrun, !Ponder Stibbons+compatible : Hogfather, !Greebo, !Frusterick Manners, !Elenor Of Tsort, !Detritus, !Hrun, !Ponder Stibbons
 depends    : sqlite depends    : sqlite
 conflicts  conflicts 
Line 25: Line 25:
 [[|{{|A CosmoCode Plugin}}]] [[|{{|A CosmoCode Plugin}}]]
 +===== Greebo and Hogfather compatibility =====
 +The current version is no longer compatible with Greebo. If you do not run Hogfather yet, get the [[|last compatible release]] and install it manually.
 ===== Syntax ===== ===== Syntax =====
Line 44: Line 49:
 ====Listing==== ====Listing====
-  {{dolist>NAMESPACE?id=ID&status=(DONE|UNDONE)&limit=COUNT&md5=MD5&user=ASSIGNEE&creator=CREATOR}}+  {{dolist>NAMESPACE?id=ID&status=(DONE|UNDONE)&limit=COUNT&md5=MD5&user=ASSIGNEE&creator=CREATOR&from=YYYY-MM-DD&to=YYYY-MM-DD}}
 List tasks in NAMESPACE with optional additional filtering List tasks in NAMESPACE with optional additional filtering
Line 56: Line 61:
 |''user''    |User id of assigned person| |''user''    |User id of assigned person|
 |''creator'' |User id of creator | |''creator'' |User id of creator |
 +|''from''    | Date YYYY-MM-DD |
 +|''to''      | Date YYYY-MM-DD |
 ==== Show the user’s open tasks in template  ==== ==== Show the user’s open tasks in template  ====
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