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Do Plugin

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plugin The do plugin allows users to create simple tasks in wiki pages

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Syntax, Helper, Action

Similar to agenda, todo

Tagged with list, task, todo

The do plugin allows users to create simple tasks in wiki pages. Those tasks may be assigned to other users and have a due date. Tasks can be listed in pages as well.

A CosmoCode Plugin

Plugin documentation and download is available on


There are two syntax elements.



Create a new task TEXT, optionally assign it to USER or mark it as due on DATE; there is a toolbar button for this as well.

USER User id as accepted by current authentication backend ​ + USER User id - bbi-Benutzername (rw, kw, tk, …) - DATE Date in format ​​yyyy-mm-dd + DATE Datum im Format ​​yyyy-mm-dd - TEXT Description of task. Task texts needs to be unique at a page. Duplicates are seen as same task.



List tasks in NAMESPACE with optional additional filtering

Part Details
NAMESPACE Namespace to search for tasks
id Page to search for tasks
status Can have value DONE or UNDONE. Case insensitive.
limit Maximum number of items to display.
md5 Show only task with this MD5 value
user User id of assigned person
creator User id of creator

Show the user’s open tasks in template

You can show an icon with the current user's open tasks by adding the following code to your template:

/** @var helper_plugin_do $do */
$do = plugin_load('helper', 'do');
if ($do) {
    echo $do->tpl_getUserTasksIconHTML();

If the user has open tasks and they click on the icon, then a table with all their open tasks is shown as an overlay.


The toolbar button button icon access a dialog for input of assignees and due date. Due date will show a date picker. If the Bureaucracy Plugin is installed, the toolbar dialog will give assignees suggestions as well.


See for demo at


The source code of the plugin is available at GitHub: cosmocode/do.


Bug reports and feature requests

Please refer to the Issue Tracker for reporting issues.

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