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Plugin Discussion - Discussions

How can i do a exakt Namespace RegExp

f.e. i would like to allow a Namespace “technikextern” but not “technik”

If i had a RegExp /(doku|technik|default)/ it will disallow technik and technikextern.

Solution: Use “$” Thanks to pop![]=regular#constraints_and_defaults

How to display the email addresses entered with the Real name for not logged in commenters?

Even when viewing the discussion as an admin, I am not showed the email address for comments from guest users.

Two places to go:

  • Go to the admin page, configuration settings, and then find the section for the discussion plugin, and checkmark linkmail. (linkmail is not something you add to the list of configs mentioned on the wikipage where you put the discussion or threads tags.)
  • Hard way: go into the data/meta directory and find the emails listed in the .comments file.

How can we edit the styling of buttons?

We're using a dark background template, and the buttons have picked up the default white text colour. Unfortunately the buttons are also white (nearly white anyway!) and it's nigh on impossible to see the text.

Usernames not shown

How can I enable the visibility of username? Logged on users can only create or answer threads if I enable allowguests. With any other configuration they are not allowed to do so.

How can I allow (non-admin-) users to create threads within a namespace just as admins can in the "New discussion page"-box?

How can I use subscription option?

Is it possible to send info about new post to users who subscribed? How can I configure it with e-mail system or XMPP communicator?

I second that. Something similar to the folded plugin (folded) would be perfect. As it is now, the discussion box sometimes simply looks much larger than the article to be discussed.

You could provide a patch for such function and create pull request on github. Due to a lack of developers it's not possibly to implement all wishes. — lupo49 2011/02/09 11:57
you can change in code in action.php from
ptln('<div class="comment_wrapper" id="comment_wrapper">');


 ptln('<div class="comment_wrapper" id="comment_wrapper" style="display:none;">');

for hiding discussion section on default

This displays the //New thread:// box. How can I just list the discussions, without this box?

Change threads_formposition to Off in the plugin config

Is it possible to only display pages with comments in the discussion area using Threads?

I second this question. Currently there are lots of pages listed with zero comments. Can I somehow list only pages with comments? Currently I use


discussion plugin "forgets" members

I have discussions embedded in my pages. A normal pages shows header, then the page content, then the discussion area, and below that I have the tpl for “profile”. The problem I am having is that a member logs in. So they see the discussion area without the email and name area, and the username shows up in my display below via the PROFILE.

IF there member enters a comment. The page refreshes. but now the URL shows; /doku.php and it doesn't show any comments, and the PROFILE area below is showing “login” as if the system doesn't know that the user is logged in. If i then click the SHOW PAGESOURCE link, the page source is shown, and once again the PROFILE shows that the user is logged in, and now the input box appears for discussion (the previous content is not there). But if I add comments again, it goes back to showing as if the user is not logged in. There seems to be some missing data exchange between the basic part of the system, and the discusson plugin. Is this know? and what can I do to fix it? Cheers!

Remove the discussion completely

If I remove the ~~DISCUSSION~~ code the Input Form still appears.
One can get rid of it by manually deleting the data/meta/(path)/pagename.comments file - is this really how it is meant to be handled? ( Bernd )

I second the problem, had to remove the pagename.comments file also – especially nasty as it happens on the main start page, after I touched the config file. David –
Correction: The comments file is even rebuilt at page reload. Seems do be some small bug. Any suggestions?
Same problem for me, as of January 11th, 2011. - Wan
And me, too, I was experimenting with the setup to decide if we wanted to implement, then changed my mind and removed all of the tags. Instead of deleting the “data/meta/(path)/pagename.comments” pages, I uninstalled the plugin for now. I presume I will have to manually remove the “data/meta/(path)/pagename.comments” pages from the filesystem, but do not have easy access. Is there a workaround? -Rick

Automatically Add Discussions to a Namespace

It would be helpful to be able to enable discussions automatically for specific namespaces, instead of an all or nothing approach.

Adding ~~DISCUSSION~~ to the namespace's template seems to work fine

~~DISCUSSION:off~~ doesn't work

I had the problem, that even though I inserted ~~DISCUSSION:off~~ into a page, the discussion box appeared. The problem was solved by removing the .comment-file of the page. It can be found in the data/meta directory.


I do not like it, that the discussion plugin adds the IP-adress of guests to their username and this ip adress is visible to everyone! I think this is a serious privacy issue! Where in the code can I stopp this?


----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
    (reason: 550 5.1.1 <>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table)

Apparently not:

anonymous email

Posts are rejected when no email or an invalid email is set.

Is it possible to change this behaviour and to make E-Mail a non-required field?

Go to /lib/plugins/discussion/ folder end edit script.js file.

Remove this part of code or comment it:

if (isBlank(form.mail.value) || form.mail.value.indexOf("@") == -1){
    form.mail.focus(); = '#fcc';
    return false;
} else { = '#fff';
This isn't sufficient. I tried it, and it complained on submit. I haven't got a perfect solution to add, but basically you need to comment out the various checks in action.php. Search for $_REQUEST['mail'].
So i did all of this and the email section is gone but i can't post anything anymore how do i fix this ?

new collapse function

this is a great addition. unfortunatly i must update manually, for whatever reason the plugin manager fails (latest dokuwiki). should the position of the Button be hardcoded? anyway, Thumbs UP

Switch Hide/Show state?

Is it possible to switch the Hide/Show state, so by default (when loading a page) the discussions are collapsed and users need to click the Hide/Show button to make discussions expand?

Answer: To do this manually, edit the action.php file, around line 357. Line 350 reads:

// show discussion wrapper only on certain circumstances

Change this line:

ptln('<div class="comment_wrapper" id="comment_wrapper">'); // the id value is used for visibility toggling the section

to read:

ptln('<div class="comment_wrapper" id="comment_wrapper" style="display: none;">'); // the id value is used for visibility toggling the section

This will set the visibilty on page load to none, thus requiring the discussion “Hide/Show” button to be clicked to show the discussion.

To make the button text more appropriate, go down to line 805. Line 801 reads:

 * Show the button which toggle the visibility of the discussion section

Change this line:

ptln('<input type="submit" id="discussion__btn_toggle_visibility" title="Toggle Visibiliy" class="button" value="Hide/Show">');

to read:

ptln('<input type="submit" id="discussion__btn_toggle_visibility" title="Toggle Visibiliy" class="button" value="Show/Hide Discussion">');


I would like to switch off the buttons and an option would be nice (reason: it doesn't look nice, see disqus for a sleek design).

+1 for this with more configuration. For one, I would like the option to use the whole Doku toolbar, with user's abilities to use the media manager to attach photos to the discussion.

Import Capabilities

.comments structure

I'd like to import comment from another wiki/cms, and I'd like to have more informations about the .comments file's structure.

Thanks — chtiland 2013/08/05 11:15

Post Entry Date Adjustment

When importing, the actual/historical entry date of the post should be settable somehow, so that the correct entry date shows in the thread/page list.

<html> and <php> tags in comments

When using DW as a CMS, it might be useful, to enable <html> and/or <php>. As far as I see, this is no security issue, if only managers and admins get write permission for wiki pages. But enabling comments will introduce this vulnerability, if wiki syntax in comments is enabled.

My opinion: There should be a configuration switch to disable <html> and <php> in comments if one or both are allowed in the wiki.

Btw: the german localisation string “De-/Aktivieren der Abo-Funktion für Kommentare” is very unlucky.

Is it possible to link a username in discussion to their userpage automatically, like link to their email (another page in dokuwiki that contains info about this user)? If so, could you provide me with an instruction on what and where to tweak in this plugin?

+1 for this as well. I'm encouraging users to use their userpages as a contact sheet. Would prefer to have the username link to userpage to keep with uniformity.

There is a workaround but you have to edit some code manually. Here's the link to the discussion It's in Russian so if you're interested I can translate it in English – just send me an email using the form from the forum: - don't forget to leave your email, so that I could write you back (or send me a personal message if you're registered on the forum).

How can I subscribe to a rss feed of the last discussion page entries?

We use the discussion plugin and the feed plugin. Unfortunately the feed plugin doesn't collect recent entries from discussion pages. How can I get this working? Any advise appreciated.

Any changes for having a auto-hide-option for discussion?

I activated the configuration-option “plugin » discussion » visibilityButton”. Additionally I would need the option to automatically hide it. And only if someone clicks the button the discussions are revealed. Issue #164

+1 I would like that, too.

'HTTP ERROR 500' in latest version dokuwiki.

I updated yesterday to latest version dokuwiki(2016-06-26). I made user guestbook page using 'discussion' plugin since before version. But this version wiki can`t write 'discussion'. What should I do? (See Details :

+1 Hi, when I hit save, nothing happens (newest Version), not even an error. Also I have to enter my name and E-Mail even though I am logged in. Is that normal (it's the first time I use the plugin)?

How to mass delete / prevent spam comments ?

Although I have both BadBehaviour (unmaintained and using legacy-format unmaintained library) and Captcha plugins I have lot of spam comments (hundreds). How can I remove all the comments of a post? Where are they recorded in? And, obviously, how can prevent spam next coming?

Built in support for the Captcha Plugin ?

I installed the captcha plugin. Logged out, I don't see a captcha guarding the comment box. I look in Dokuwiki's configuration page for the Discussion plugin, but don't see an option to enable the captcha. What do I do?


I have a old blog with lots of commentaries, how to import they?^^“ Is possible do it editing the .comments file manually, exists a guide to do it anywhere?

thank you and sorry my bad English =)

SMTP Error 503 when sending notifications

tloehr 2021-05-27 15:42

When the discussion plugin sends a notification mail, a 503 error occurs.

Got: 503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA

Changed to another mail provider (from Host Europe to GMail). Still a 503. Nevertheless, gmail sends the mail.

A normal SMTP testmail by Dokuwiki works without errors, so I suspect it has something to do with the discussion plugin.

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